Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in i swim for oceans reviewing your book! 

How I Review: 

All reviews I write are a true reflection of my personal opinions and feelings towards different books. While I cannot promise you a positive review, I will always promise an HONEST review, meaning that I will thoroughly explain my take on a book, whether positive or negative. I do not take pride in ripping a novel apart, and I have tremendous respect for the time and effort authors put into their novels.

Reviews are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 - with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest rating possible.

What I Accept: 

I am actively accepting review copies of Young Adult novels only. Should you contact me about adult, new adult or middle grade novels, I will most likely not reply, as they do not fit the criteria for this blog.


I do accept e-books, but they must be compatible with my Barnes & Noble NOOK.

Self-Published Novels:

As of 1/1/14, I am no longer accepting self-published novels for review unless I seek out an author and their novel myself. I will, however, feature guest posts from self-published authors about their novels if it is a novel that interests me and falls in the above criteria.

Timing & Posting of Reviews:

I do my best to review all books in a timely manner in the order in which I receive them. ARCs  will receive due preference, and reviews for ARCs will be posted approximately one month before their release date. I will always notify the sender of the ARC/Review Copy of the day the review is posted. All links are posted on my Goodreads, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and Random Buzzers on the day a book is reviewed.

Author Interviews & Giveaways:

I am always interested in featuring author interviews and giveaways on my site, however, I prefer to be familiar with the author and have read his/her work prior to an interview or giveaway. If you are interested in arranging the aforementioned, please contact me below.

If you require further information regarding my review policy, please contact me at:

iswimforoceans (at) gmail (dot) com


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