2010 is Gonna Be Splen...did?

Thursday, December 31, 2009

It doesn't rhyme. 2008 was going to be great. It was. 2009 was going to be fine. It was. What the heck rhymes with 10? The only thing I can come up with is "hen." So, anyhoo, Happy (almost) New Year!

I'm not a resolution person, but I decided to go for it anyway. 10 resolutions for 2010. Ready? Good. Here goes:

1. Read 200 books. Am I insane? Why yes, thank you very much. I am.
2. Have my manuscript accepted by an agent (one particular agent, hopefully!)...I'm on the right track with 2 full MS submissions out. Fingers crossed, eh?
3. Give up Red Bull for good. I'm addicted. It's a disease.
4. Buy 1 pair of really bright shoes per month instead of 5. I'm out of room.
5. Go to 1 concert per month. I don't care about the band, but I need to extend my musical horizons.
6. Escape Alcatraz again. No, I'm not kidding. I've done it before. I'm doing it again in July.
7. Finish writing book #2...I'm getting there. Veeeerrryyy slowly.
8. Stop referring to my cats as my children. I prefer to be called a "Cat Woman," by the way. It sounds way hotter than "Cat Lady."
9. Make my blog even better. Is it possible? Uhhh have you seen it? I think, yes. ;)
10. Sleep more. Sometimes my best work comes from my dreams.

A couple final closing notes - First of all, today is my last day at my current job! The new job starts Monday, so I'm pretty excited. Second, I will have a review of Witch & Wizard by James Patterson tomorrow. Third, I am going to The Dark Divine book launch party at the King's English bookstore this Saturday in Salt Lake City. I'll even get to see the lovely Bree Despain! Also, please check out the great new Meme at A Bookful of Thoughts...I love it.

Last but certainly not least, I figured I'd share this gem with you all. Becca Fitzpatrick of Hush, Hush fame will be doing a live chat on January 11, 2010 to discuss writing, publishing, her story, etc. Want to know more? Go to Fallen Archangel for the full details!

So, that's it. Happy New Year, enjoy the festivities, and I'll see you all in 2010!


  1. zen. there's a rhyme. lol.
    great blog. i love your layout. i'm following you now. feel free to pop into mine. i have all things books!

  2. Teehee. Supernatural is THE BEST! I'm sooo excited to watch it again....in mid January. Boo! Haha...


    I just happen to love rhyming! What rhymes with ten? Again. That's all I can think of right now, LOL.

    Thanks for the shoutout!!! :D Appreciate it ;)

    :O You'll see Bree Despain!? How awesome is that?! Take pictures, haha. HAVE FUN!!!

  3. I really hope you get an agent!

    And LOL about the rhyming.

  4. Great resolutions. Good luck accomplishing all of them :) :) I tried to think of a rhyme but couldn't either...

  5. I am a new subscriber! Just found your blog...it's so cool. :)

    Happy New Year!!


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