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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Top Ten Jerks in Literature (all those jerky guys in books...those who truly WERE asshats and those who just acted like one but could actually be quite lovable):

1. Patch from Hush, Hush - Ok, seriously? I love me some bad guys, but this guy honestly takes the cake. I alternated between absolutely loathing him and slightly adoring him. Frankly, I can't figure him out.

2. Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter - Son of a douche. No, really, he is. He's a nasty little slimeball that I have both an aversion and a love of. Honestly, without him, I think HP might be a little lacking though, so I have to love his nastiness.

3. Jace from The Mortal Instruments - He's got a bit of a tricky exterior, but once you get past that, he's a marshmallow with a heart of gold. LOVE, I'm pretty sure this guy is epic eye candy. I'm jussayin'.

4. Adrian from Vampire Academy - He acts like a skeeze, and he quite often IS a skeeze, but when push comes to shove, he's got his heart in the right place. I'll also admit that my aversion to his character might just be because of my love of Dimitri though.

5. Voldemort from Harry Potter - Frankly, he should probably be the number one asshat on any list, but I figure I'll just list my 10 in an old order. If you want the embodiment of evil and right d-bag in the flesh, it's him. Honestly, there isn't a good bone in his creepy snakelike body anyway.

6. Varen from Nevermore - I wasn't sure I even liked the guy a tiny bit at the start of the book, but he grew on me. His perpetual honesty and reluctance to partake in anything really mundane made him more appealing, plus it made his interaction with Isobel more believable.

7. Kyle Kingsbury from Beastly - Remember those guys in high school who thought they were the sh*t and that the sun rose and set for them? That's Kyle in a nutshell, or at least, it was. I hated him for half the story, but through his transformation (both physical and mental), I got to see who he really was, and I loved it.

8. Luke from Percy Jackson - I loved him, then I hated him, then I pitied him, then I hated him, and then I just felt hollow. Honestly, I still don't know where I stand with Luke, but he's not a very nice guy, so I guess he's just a jerk.

9. President Snow from The Hunger Games - Well, how else do you feel about an evil sadomasochistic dictator hellbent on destroying the youth of the world's population for sport? He's as bad as Voldemort, and that's saying something.

10. Irial from Ink Exchange - Dark fae with creepy minds and hidden agendas...'nuff said.


  1. Seems like you love half of your jerks Melissa. Don't let that carry over into real life! Can make for some major heartbreak. I love your choices and agree with all of them though (she whispers) I haven't read The Hunger Games.


  2. I totally agree with you on Patch. Although I liked him by the end of the book, his rudeness and crudeness at the beginning kept me from liking Hush, Hush.

  3. Very nice list.Nice description on Irial too. I still can't figure Patch out but hoping to in the next book Silence. :)

  4. I was always a Rose/Dimitri fan (and woah, Dimitri is amazing as well, don't get me wrong), yet I sort of have this epic crush on Adrian (see: Top 10 Book Boyfriends post from today) ... there's just something about him.

  5. Irial's not too bad in my opinion. mainly the title he held made him the creepy villain sort, i think. but I don't think his true nature is evil

  6. Absolutely agree with Patch ! I detest him! I don't find anything remotely attractive about him. He creeps me out! On the other hand, I did feel bad for Draco - he was a jerk but I could sympathize with him at times.

  7. Draco and Voldemort would have to make the top of my list! But if I was writing my list without seeing yours, I probably would have forgotten about them, haha.

    I heart Adrian even those he is a jerk. I cannot wait to read Bloodlines! :)

  8. Great list very glad to Draco Malfoy on it as he is number one in my book of all time characters to hate.

  9. Dude...yes to all these jerks. Why couldn't I come up with a list? Seriously I just sat there and...blankness. Dang.

  10. My gosh, you totally picked the right people! LOL! Also I am jealous that you are reading Ashes, Ashes! Hope its good!

  11. I'm surprised to see Jace on so many lists! I also have Draco on my list, though someone pointed out that perhaps it should really be his dad listed as the jerk.

  12. LOVE your list!
    I am SO with you on Patch, Draco, Kyle, and Voldermort.

  13. Draco Malfoy!! How could I have missed him! Although he is actually just a coward, isn't he?
    Anyway, nice list!

    Here's mine:

  14. Great list. I agree with so many of them and some even show up on my list. I agree Jace can be a jerk, but I just can't help but fall for his cocky attitude.

  15. I completely agree on Patch, I struggled not to punch something while reading Crescendo! And I absolutely adore Jace and his attitude, and Varen is a favorite as well. This is a brilliant list Melissa!

  16. Great bad guys :) A good bad guy is an evil bad guy you just hate so much

  17. Haha, I love how some of the jerks actually turn out to be nice. :)

  18. Melissa! This is truly a great list! I couldn't agree more with you!

  19. Really nice list! My two faves from your list are Varen and Kyle. Started out so bad but ended up soooo good!
    Truly Bookish

  20. First off-I'm going for Top Ten Tuesday from now off!
    Second- I love your choices except for Adrian-he's not a bad guy, yes, he's spoiled rotten but having Spirit can make you insane so he did his best to keep himself from going buckass whacko and imbibed to much but he was truly in love with Rose and so good to her. Lyssa and all those he loved. He was crazy-jealous of Dmitri but as a dude, who wouldn't be? Re-think Adrian...? LOL!

    I'm hoping to see a spin-off on the secondary characters from the VA series---Think it could happen?

    Great list and I'm officially moving on to The Top Ten Tuesday, I might even start today!

    Kristi-The Book Faery

  21. Great list!
    Patch, Jace & Draco were on my list too, and Adrian & Voldemort would definitely have been on it too if I had remembered them ;)

  22. I haven't seen you around lately so I'm stopping by to say hi and send hugs. *hugs*

    What a wonderful list and one that I will have to refer to when I want bad boy read! LOL! Thanks.

    Please do feel free to stop by to see the Cover Reveal of The Rift Walker.

    Mad Scientist
    Steampunkery & Book Reviews
    For The L♥ve of Reading

  23. Man, I love half the guys on this list. XD But awesome post!

  24. Great list, Melissa. I completely agree with you on Patch. That boy seems hot and cold.

    -Akasha Hale

    Please check out our Teaser Tuesday:

  25. I can't even bring myself to read Hush, Hush after everything I've read about Patch in reviews!

  26. Great list! The description of Draco made me laugh out loud. Loved it.


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