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Let's Talk is a fun new weekly meme in which we discuss anything and everything bookish! Whether it's a nagging issue in the blogosphere, or simply a fun discussion topic, we'll talk about it all! Each Friday, there will be a linky in which you can connect your own post, sharing your thoughts will all the participants. Each month, I'll update the post topics so you can prepare your very own Let's Talk post!

October 11 - What are some of your all-time favourite book quotes, and why do they remain at the top of your list after all this time?

October 18 - Do you ever re-read books that didn't work for you the first time around and have them work the next time? Has it ever worked the opposite for you?

October 25 - With Halloween being next week, what are your favourite creepy/spooky books? 

November 1 - Do you ever read books simply because they're from an author you love, rather than because of the book itself?

November 8 - What cover trend would you like to see continued in the coming year? Is there anything you hope is discontinued in 2014?

November 15 - Of all the books on your shelves, which have the most value to you, and why? 

November 22 - With Thanksgiving approaching, what are you most thankful about in the world of books (blogging, authors...anything) this year?

November 29 - What made you start book blogging? How long have you been doing it, and what keeps you going?

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