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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Jill from Breaking the Spine, and spotlights upcoming novels we just can't wait for! We all know there are a ton of great books coming out this year, but this week, I'm particularly excited for...

Title: Birthmarked
Author: Caragh M. O'Brien
Release Date: March 30, 2010

After climate change, on the north shore of Unlake Superior, a dystopian world is divided between those who live inside the wall, and those, like sixteen-year-old midwife Gaia Stone, who live outside. It’s Gaia’s job to “advance” a quota of infants from poverty into the walled Enclave, until the night one agonized mother objects, and Gaia’s parents are arrested.

Badly scarred since childhood, Gaia is a strong, resourceful loner who begins to question her society. As Gaia’s efforts to save her parents take her within the wall, she herself is arrested and imprisoned.

Fraught with difficult moral choices and rich with intricate layers of codes, BIRTHMARKED explores a colorful, cruel, eerily familiar world where one girl can make all the difference, and a real hero makes her own moral code.

Taken from GoodReads.

This book sounds deep, intriguing, and completely riveting. I love the thought of a visually-flawed protagonist, especially in a world of beautiful "Bella-like" characters these days. I also adore this cover. The colours are engaging, and the images are haunting.

What are you waiting on this week? Leave me a link and I'll be sure to check it out!


  1. Sounds soo good, what a great pick!

  2. This book sounds really great. I'll definitely be getting this one when it comes out.

  3. This sounds really good. And that's really saying something when I don't necessarily like dystopian type books! [:

    Here's mine: linkageeee [:

  4. Love dystopian worlds and this sound different enough to be interesting. Thanks for sharing

  5. What a neat cover and a cool premise!

  6. This sounds good and I love the cover too Melissa.

  7. Oh my goodness this sounds so intense and good! Great pick Melissa :)

  8. That book sounds really good. Something to my tastes!

  9. How do you read so much?? I know I used to, but I never find the time anymore...

  10. Great pick! Sounds like an awesome book.

  11. I just reviewed it yesterday, and it was amazing! You will love it : D

  12. I would like to read this as well. Here's mine.

  13. I missed your post yesterday -- wahhhahhhahhha...I don't know what happens next...nooo...boo...I am bummed.

    not too serious i hope

  14. Oh no! Not another great book to add to my list. Eek! Will it ever end.

  15. This sounds really good! Thanks for sharing!


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