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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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Top Ten Favorite Minor Characters ( you know... all those great supporting character or a VERY minor character that might have been only in there a page or two but had an effect on you):

1. Tiny from Will Grayson, Will Grayson - Talk about a physically big character with a small part but a huge impact! Tiny wasn't around too much, but he made the book that much better. I just loved him.

2. Tonks from Harry Potter - I don't know if she's as minor as some people think, but in a long series with a huge cast of characters, her face time was minimal. That said, she made a massive impact in the parts in which she participated.

3. Madge from The Hunger Games - Well, let's be honest...Katniss would never have had that Mockingjay pin if it weren't for her, and that pin became a symbol for the Districts. So, it's arguable that she made a far bigger impact that some of the more active characters.

4. Adnarel from Many Waters - Adnarel should have had much more face-time than he did. As one of the Seraphim, he was obviously good, but was far more lovable than the author gave him credit for. I love him...can he have a spin-off, please?

5. Jenna from Wither - She was the least featured of Linden's three brides, but she had the biggest heart, in my honest opinion. I wish Rhine could have been more like her because she made that book for me.

6. Mia from Vampire Academy - I hated her, then I liked her, then I learned to adore her character. She wasn't around too, too much, but when she was, she made a huge difference in every single scene. That's the definition of a great character for me.

7. Murdoch from The Rules of Survival - His name meant a lot to the main character of the book, Matt, but he wasn't actually around that much. Whenever he was brought up though, all I felt was hope for Matt and his sisters.

8. Basil from Redwall - His impact grows throughout the book, but he's fairly minor in a massive cast of characters. He is, however, incredible comic relief and incredible brave. Yes, I have a hare on my list.

9. Emily from Dark Song - She's behind the scenes for a lot of the story after the initial action, but she remains in the background as a constant for Ames, even when her life is falling apart. She broke the mold and made the story more powerful.

10. Jon from This World We Live In - I loved this series until this book, but Jon managed to redeem what was left of the book for me (a little bit) at least. When all the characters lost hope and became pathetic, Jon still held out hope, and that, in turn, gave me hope.


  1. Ooh, Tonks is amazing, you're right. And Jenna was definitely a great character. I thought she was very strong and caring.

  2. Totally agree about Madge! I hoped and hoped for her to get more "air time" in the trilogy.

    Also, hope you're doing well, Melissa! Haven't kept up with commenting as much as I'd have liked.

  3. HECK YEAH TINY COOPER! Loved him to pieces.
    I agree with most of the others you listed, too!

    This Top Ten Tuesday was a thinker! Awesome job putting together your list. :)

  4. Yay for the minor characters! Love Madge from The Hunger Games :)

  5. TINY COOPER! Highlight of the book for me, such a riot :) Fantastic list, I thought Jenna was such an interesting character too

  6. I loved Tiny Cooper!!!! Great list btw. :D

  7. Lovely list thanks for sharing!

  8. Oooh, Tonks -- nice choice! I went with Luna, but Tonks is a close second!

  9. I feel like an idiot, but I can't remember who Mia is from Vampire Academy :-\ haha And I seriously need to read Will Grayson. It's been sitting on my shelf for TOO long.

  10. Tonks is awesome!! Great choices :)

    Here's mine:

  11. Oh yes I loved Tonks! She was a favorite character of mine along with the Weasley twins. I also enjoyed Mia in Vampire Academy (in later books anyway) so I'm hoping she'll play a part in Bloodlines:)

  12. So many that I do not know so can't say anything, but yay on Tonks. I really liked her

  13. Melissa-
    I have The Rules of Survival on your suggestion so I'll be looking for Murdoch when I finally get a chance to read it.

    I also have Dark Song so I'll also look for Emily.

    And I loved Tonks and her hair!


  14. So loved Tonks! Mia too, although Christian was probably my favorite side character in VA.

  15. Jon is a great choice. I just finished those books, but didn't think to add him to my list.

  16. I LOVE Tonks and Basil, and REDWALLLL!! I used to adore that series as a kid, with those badass hares from over the mountain. And I agree, Jenna was my favorite out of the three brides from Wither. She was so level-headed, sensible, and brave whereas the others... meh, Rhine was alright. Nice picks! :)

  17. I loved Tonks. She was a very unique character, who really stood out in her scenes. Great list.

  18. I agree with you on Tiny completely! In many ways, he was the main focus of the story, or at least I thought so.

  19. I love Tonks and Madge! I hope Tonks was better represented in the movies.

  20. I LOVED Tonks and Mia was pretty awesome too. Great picks!


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