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Friday, October 4, 2013

Let's Talk is a weekly feature here at i swim for oceans. I think it's important that we all have our say, and there's something to be said for raising our voices. Simply put, here on the little old blog, I like to host some of my very own discussion posts because, well, I like to converse with you all.

And so, Let's Talk will feature questions or prompts, which I will answer, too. Love it or hate it, weigh in or don't, it's my hope that Let's Talk will at least get you thinking...and maybe even get you discussing with the rest of us!
What books have you been putting off for a long and why?

Gosh, well, where to even start with this one? I mean, really. I think that ever since I started blogging I've become pickier and pickier about what I read. I think this mostly comes into play with series these days though. I started series when I began blogging, but as my TBR grew, so did my reluctance to spend a lot of time invested in one series.

Take, for example, the Mortal Instruments series. I was a diehard fan all through books one through three. Give me some Jace and Clary any day, right? Right. But here's the thing...when I found out that the series was continuing and that there was a prequel series, as well, I was oddly turned off. Ever since then, the series has been on my back burner.

Some other highlights that are on the list of books still waiting to be read are If I Stay by Gayle Foreman, The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein and Chain Reaction by Simone Elkeles. Why, you ask? Well, I'm terrified that I'll be the only person in the world that doesn't love them, of course. Le sigh.

What about you? What books have you been putting off for a really long time, and why?


  1. I feel like I always put off ARCs and "silly" or "fun" novels. I save the latter for when I need them, which is why I put them off otherwise, and the former I eventually get around to but I sometimes hate that I have to read them by a certain date since I'm very much a mood reader. Once I start an ARC I'm in love with it, but it's just the starting part that's tough. ;)

  2. You really do need to read If I Stay and TMI! If I Stay is wonderful but the sequel is like a cry fest- really emotional ;) The first three books in the TMI series were the best but the last half is pretty dodgy.

    Thanks for sharing, Melissa! <33

  3. Yeah, I read a couple of the Mortal Instruments and haven't picked up another. Also on the back burner is The Fault in Our Stars...because I'm a big baby and know I'll be bawling all the way through it. Bawk, bawk.

  4. I used to love TMI a lot (like A LOT) and now, I just kind of like it now. I was bummed when I read City of Fallen Angels but City of Lost Souls was actually good although it didn't really spark me that much. I said my reason here. Chain Reaction wasn't really that good. I find it the weakest in the PC series. Oh and I happily recommend you If I Stay, although the sequel Where She Went was pretty much better :) Thanks for sharing, lovely!

    P.S. Love your meme!

  5. I lost interest in the mortal instruments series as well. I devoured 1-3 and was so excited for 4, and then it ended up being a book I loved when I first read it and wrote my review, but then the more I thought about it, the more frustrated I got and I just wanted to go back to how things wrapped up in book 3:) I haven't read If I Stay either, like you, I'm terrified I won't like it and I'll be publicly shunned for it ;-)

  6. I don't know about putting it off, but Harry Potter. I have the first three books and I've parts of several of the movies, but I just can't seem to wrap my brain around the hype.

  7. I gave up on Cassandra's whole Mortal Instrument world. I've read the first three books and then I was done. I disliked the last one and the story felt ended to me. I'm also not going to try all the spin-offs, it's bizarre how many she is going to publish.


    1. And that last link wasn't supposed to be there.. I copy pasted the wrong link :p

  8. I'm glad you raised the Mortal Instruments series because that is one I have been lagging behind as well! I read the 1st and 2nd books and due to the weirdest between apparently the brother and sister I kind of put it off and watched every new book get released instead. I know this is all solved in book 3 though but it was kind of weird to put me off for a while.

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

  9. I'm late into reading TMI... I've only read the first book. I heard it was originally planned as only a trilogy ... Then came book four and all...just curious why? Book 3 didn't end properly? Series too popular to end?
    Read Books and Blog | Addicted to Films

  10. OMG! I'm with you on TMI series! I loved the first 3 books and even tried the 4th one, but for some reason, it felt forced and not that interesting. But since I love Cassie Clare and her work so much, I will continue the series and pray that it ends well. ironically, the book I seem to put off the most is Clockwork Prince. I call it the curse book. CP was in fact a pre-order and I started reading it the day I received it, but things happened and I got distracted. It's been more than a year and even after 6 tries, I'm not able to read more than a chapter at a time. I don't know when I'll finish that series.

  11. I'm with you on Cassandra Clare's novels though, for me, I actually haven't read any of the series yet... .-. The three (?) spinoff series are a bit of a turnoff, plus all those novellas... Those books are huge, too, and with my never-ending TBR list, I just kind of gave up on starting the series.

    Chri @ Fathomless

  12. The Art of Racing in the Rain is really good. And don't feel too bad if you read If I Stay and you don't like it; you can join me in the small club of people who found it sub-par.

    I've had The Book Thief in my TBR pile for ages. I mean, I think it's been there for years. I don't know why I keep putting off reading it, but I do.

  13. The only books I have been putting off are books that got a lot of love from bloggers. I'm sometimes dreading reading those as I'm afraid that it will not live up to my expectations and I will be the only person in the universe with a negative review of it. Okay, I'm exaggerating a little with the "only person" but you get the idea :p

  14. I agree with TMI series. I read the first three and bufff i didn't like them as much as other people do :( i didn't want to continue the series and i am happy about it xDD

  15. For the most part, the books are long ones and classics because I'm worried about the time commitment to finish them. I'll almost always pick a 250 page book over a 400 page even if I think the latter sounds more interesting because the shorter one ought to take less time to read and that helps my numbers for total read. As I think about this, I find it very problematic and I hope to address that next year and be more daring with my reading!


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