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Sunday, August 15, 2010

I've been off gallivanting in Arizona filming a movie these past few days, and I've had the time desire to do some housekeeping on yours truly's (punctuation?) blog. It's late, so forgive my ramblings. Anyhoo, this week, I've decided to do straight reviews of all the books I've recently been reading and for which I've slacked on reviews.

Oh, and to all those who continue to faithfully follow my endless mess of a blog while I, in return, never fail to forget to comment on their lovely posts...I have a simple and heartfelt message for you:

Ok, so, I'm going back to slacking now. Review week starts tomorrow!


  1. Love Arizona, sounds like you had fun. Looking forward to all the reviews.

  2. i hope you had a great time!!!

    love the kitten pic :( He's so sad...

  3. Ooh, a movie?? :O I'm glad you're back!! And I'm also back to becoming a regular visitor of your blog ;)


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