Waiting on Wednesday 4/6

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill from Breaking the Spine, and specifically spotlights upcoming novels we can't wait to read. As always, there are some amazing upcoming books, but this week I'm particularly excited for...

Title: Ashes, Ashes
Author: Jo Treggiari
Publisher: Scholastic
Published: June 1, 2011
Genre: YA, Dystopian
Pages: 352

A thrilling tale of adventure, romance, and one girl's unyielding courage through the darkest of nightmares.

Epidemics, floods, droughts--for sixteen-year-old Lucy, the end of the world came and went, taking 99% of the population with it. As the weather continues to rage out of control, and Sweepers clean the streets of plague victims, Lucy survives alone in the wilds of Central Park.

But when she's rescued from a pack of hunting dogs by a mysterious boy named Aidan, she reluctantly realizes she can't continue on her own. She joins his band of survivors, yet, a new danger awaits her: the Sweepers are looking for her. There's something special about Lucy, and they will stop at nothing to have her.
Two words: Dystopian fiction. Besides this contemporary kick I'm on (which I owe to Raw Blue), I have this fascination with dystopian books. There's something about the fact that a world can be so bleak but still have glimmers of hope and peace that I love. Ashes, Ashes, if it lives up to the premise, sounds dark and extremely promising. Plus, there's a touch of mystery thrown into the mix with the MC's identity, so I'm sold! What do you think, and what are you waiting on this week?


Soooo I know I'm super slacking on blog comments right now, but please bear with me, guys! I'm currently on my way for a holiday in South Africa to visit family, so things should be settled by tomorrow night. Thanks for staying loyal and lovely! :)


  1. Love your pick! I am dying to read this one too.

    Also enjoy your holiday in South Africa to visit your family :D

  2. Great pick. I am looking forward to this one too. Hope you have a lovely holiday.

  3. dystopian novel!!! am so into it right now. i better check this book out! love the premise. thanks for sharing! ^_^

    here's mine: http://bookcomfort.blogspot.com/2011/04/waiting-on-wednesday-4.html

  4. I am slightly tired of dystopian novels right now, but I admit this book's premise sounds exciting!

  5. I just noticed you have a fab new layout! LOVE IT! Anyway, I love how you always find these awesome books that I have never heard of! Just another to add to my list!! :)

  6. This definitely sounds like a book you would enjoy!

  7. Oh I have this on my list too Melissa! Can't wait for it:) I want to know all about Aiden and I want to know why the sweepers are looking for Lucy - need answers now!

  8. Yes! Doesn't this sound like all kinds of dystopian goodness?

  9. That sounds just like my cup of tea. Dystopian-ish, dark and a bit scary :-) One for my wishlist definitely

  10. I'm looking forward to this one, too! I'm loving the dystopian books out right now. I love this cover. It's one of my 2011 faves.

  11. Ooh, this is a great pick. I've seen this one around and am quick looking forward to it too. So happy to have you on my little corner of the world. Can't wait to meet you when you're down in Cape Town :)

    Hope you had a safe flight and that you enjoy your holiday here. :)

  12. Love the looks of this one! Dystopian is my favorite :) The cover is gorge also! Great choice...

    Emma @ girl loves books

  13. Hope you're having a fab time in Africa! This book does sound really good; I too love Dystopian YAs. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Sounds awesome! The premise actually reminds me a lot of a novel I'm (trying) to write. Have fun in South Africa! :)

  15. This sounds SO good! I LOVE dystopian!

  16. I've been so excited to read Ashes, Ashes as well!! :)

  17. Sounds like a great dystopia. Hope you're having fun in S. Africa!
    My Twilight WOW

  18. Hi Melissa,
    Thanks so much for featuring Ashes, Ashes! I hope you like it! Less than two months to go now.
    I love that you ocean swim! I swam a lot when I lived near San Francisco, at least until I found out about the great whites in those waters. The book I just finished working on has a whole water theme in it.
    Take care,

  19. why is it that when you do these wows I all the sudden what that book too? dang it my want pile just expanded... again :P Thanks though!! I really do want to read this!

  20. Me too! This sounds so good :)

    Enjoy your vacation!


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