BBAW: Day 1 - Community

Monday, September 12, 2011

As many of you know, it's Book Blogger Appreciation Week, and I've decided to put up a few more features this year to recognize the amazing blogs out there and participate in this crazy thing we call book blogging. While the awards are awesome, honestly, this week is about interaction and involvement, so I think today's prompt is awesome: Community. Today you're encouraged to name a few blogs that inspire you, motivate you, teach you something new, or challenge you to be a better reader and person. So, without further ado, I'd love to tell you just a little bit about some of my favourite people and blogs out there.

Jenny from Supernatural Snark - If you've yet to visit her blog, I highly recommend it because she's not only an incredible reviewer but an amazing person. Jenny features a fabulous eclectic book blog with thoughtful, articulate reviews and a true viewpoint. She's kind, she's outgoing and she's always willing to mentor. I had the great pleasure of getting to spend three days with her at BEA this past May, and I can't wait to meet up with her and "the moms" for next year!

Alison from Alison Can Read - Alison's blog became a go-to blog for me almost a year ago. I found that she expressed her thoughts well in her reviews, and while she was definitely honest in her opinions, she was always, always tactful. Plus, she consistently introduces me to new books and manga, which (I swear) one day I'll try!

Missie from The Unread Reader - Missie is awesome, first and foremost, because her name is Missie, and I go by that a lot, as well. Honestly though, her blog is incredible. I stumbled across it one day, and I was blown away by not only the professionalism of her blog but the care and effort she took to write balanced reviews. Whenever I need an honest take on a book, I know I can turn to Missie.

Nic from Irresistible Reads - This lovely lady sang the praises of contemporary fiction in review after review, and I denied the fact that she was right until I was blue in the face. Then I read one of the books she highly, highly recommended, and I had to admit defeat. While our literary interests don't always intersect, I know I can trust Nic's opinions when it comes to an unfamiliar genre for me, and she's totally one of the nicest Aussies, too!

Other bloggers I just have to mention time and time again are:

Ginger from GReads!
Anna from Anna Reads 
Lea from YA Book Queen
Hafsah from Icey Books
Tara from Fiction Folio


  1. Aw thanks girl! <3 Much love to you. I so wish we would have gotten more time to spend together at BEA. Some day....some day!

  2. Do you see how quickly I am commenting? Oh yeah, Jamie beat me, but whatever, the point is THAT IS HOW OFTEN I CHECK YOUR BLOG. Because I love it and you. xo

  3. You have some of the most well written reviews, Melissa. Seriously. I adore your writing! You inspire me to be better :-) that is a true friend. Love you & your blog!

  4. Amen. Jenny rocccks and Missie is mad professional.

  5. Aah, now I feel all warm and fuzzy! <3
    I definitely agree with your choices! Especially Jenny's blog--Supernatural Snark is one of my top ten fave blogs. :)

  6. Thanks so much! I love all these bloggers too (especially myself - I'm just wonderful :-) )
    I gave you a shout-out on my blog as well.

  7. another fantastic list, most of which are new to me .thanks

  8. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww thank you so much for the love! Melissa your blog is inspiring too :)

  9. SO glad that we got to hang out at BEA, even if it was only for a few minutes! I love your blog and I can always trust your honest and well-written reviews. MUAH!

  10. This is the best part of BBAW - discovering great blogs! Great post, thank you! Have a great week!

  11. So. I think we've established already that I love you like whoa, but just in case you've forgotten I ADORE YOU! If you were next to me right now–don't freak out–but I might be forced to inappropriately tackle to you the ground and kiss your face. Husband be damned.

  12. Melissa, You are EPIC is a way that blows everyone else out of the water...literally. hehe

    Okay, so I'm not making much sense, but fangirls like me hardly ever do. :)

  13. Great blogs listed here! I love many of the way, come check out my blog; I mayyyy have given you a little shout out :)


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