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Friday, June 1, 2012

Let's Talk is a new weekly feature here at i swim for oceans. I think it's important that we all have our say, and there's something to be said for raising our voices. Simply put, here on the little old blog, I like to host some of my very own discussion posts because, well, I like to converse with you all.

And so, Let's Talk will feature questions or prompts, which I will answer, too. Love it or hate it, weigh in or don't, it's my hope that Let's Talk will at least get you thinking...and maybe even get you discussing with the rest of us!
Question: If you could only read one genre for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?

Some of you might hate me for this question, and colour me crazy, but I love it! Seriously, what's better than a question that really makes you sit down, limit yourself and think? Confession time: I love books. No. Really. I love pretty much anything and everything that is bound and can be read. Whether I love it or hate it, there's always a passion for it, and I will try any written thing once, as silly as that sounds. I've been asked a lot, however, what my favourite genre is.

At first, I think that's a super simple answer. Come on, guys. I review young adult literature. That pretty much means that YA lit is like gold to me. However, I'm a twenty-something lady who also loves memoirs, chick-lit, mysteries and a good ol' literary romp with shirtless (and pantless?) men every now and again. So sue me. Imagine for a moment that all your books are going to be stripped away except for a single genre. What would I want that to be. I actually put a lot of time and effort into this decision. My favourite reads vary, kids. We've got:

But we've also got:

So, what to do? I'm going with my gut on this one and stating that if I could only read one genre for the rest of my life, it would be young adult fantasy. Yes, I'm going that specific. While other genres are amazing, there's something so entirely limitless and freeing about this particular genre. Everything is possible. There's no pretentiousness or presumption. It's pure imagination - plain and simple. Yes, colour me crazy, but inside I'm still a 12 year old girl. Now, let's just pray we never really have to choose!


  1. That's a tough one, and I although I was tempted to say YA too - I think I say anything Paranormal... ;) With this I could life forever :)) 

  2. I would definitely go for paranormal romance. It covers romance and all things paranormal. The best of both worlds!

  3. Well, I'd definitely go with Young Adult. But I'm trying to decide whether I'd focus on paranormal or contemp. Or fantasy. I'd probably lean towards paranormal. But maybe not. Paranormal can be great but can be really, really bad. Contemp can be great or boring, but not usually really bad.

  4. Awesome answer. It includes everything you love.
    I would definitely choose mysteries. 

  5. This is a tough question. I also read a wide variety of genres. I have a hard time deciding between YA fantasy or YA contemporary. I love fantasy reads because of the imagination factor, but good contemporary is REALLY GOOD.  might just lean towards fantasy because it can take me to so many worlds.

    I agree. Let's pray that we never have to choose :)

  6. I will agree with you.  Young Adult Fantasy!  That way I get my fairy tales, my high fantasy, my dystopians...bwahaha!

  7. Ohhhhhh I LOVE YA fantasy :D I think I could definitely live the rest of my life reading that :D I would never get bored!

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  8. YA contemporaries will forever & always steal my heart.  I gravitate towards those the most.  There's just something inspiring about could-be-real-life stories that I want to always read about.  I adore angst, tension, passion, friendship... and the list goes on.  Yes, I am aware all of these elements can be found in ANY book, but when they're placed in a contemporary novel I am sold.

  9. haha...agreed...love YA fantasy, but I love YA Paranromal just a little bit more. These questions are always hard for me because it's sort of an unrealistic predicament....

    and as I read what I just wrote I liked paranormal books and mentioned something being unrealistic *shakes head* ;)

  10. Interesting choice. I don't know if I could limit myself to such a specific genre within YA. It really is based on my mood. 

  11. You're right. I hate this question. LOL! No, I don't, it's just that it's hard to narrow it because I get bored eventually. I think I may go with contemporary fiction, except it lacks the dreamy fantasy. I would probably go with Adult mostly because I couldn't live without the romp every now and again. ;) But I think maybe Adult Paranormal. I need the completely unbelievable in my life....it's more fun that way.

  12. That is really quite a tough discussion question.  I'm torn between middle grade fantasy and young adult fantasy.  And you shouldn't feel so guilty about being in your 20's and still loving YA.  I'm in my forties and I still love MG and YA.  :-) I also ride dirt bikes on MX tracks each weekend.  Your only as old as you feel, and much like you, I feel like a 12 year old girl.


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