Erasing Time by C.J. Hill Review

Monday, August 27, 2012

Title: Erasing Time
Author: C.J. Hill
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Publish Date: August 28, 2012
Genre: YA, Sci-Fi, Dystopian
Pages: 368
Source: Publisher
When twins Sheridan and Taylor wake up 400 years in the future, they find a changed world: domed cities, no animals, and a language that’s so different, it barely sounds like English. And the worst news: They can’t go back home.

The twenty-fifth-century government transported the girls to their city hoping to find a famous scientist to help perfect a devastating new weapon. The moblike Dakine fights against the government, and somehow Taylor and Sheridan find themselves in the middle. The only way to elude them all is to trust Echo, a guy with secrets of his own. The trio must put their faith in the unknown to make a harrowing escape into the wilds beyond the city.
Sheridan and Taylor didn’t just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. They woke up in the wrong time. Everything they have ever known is gone, and the world they woke up in barely resembles the world they know. Language, clothing, animals – everything is different…and drastically different, at that. Sheridan and Taylor didn’t happen upon this new world by accident though. They were brought here with the sole purpose of creating a new weapon that might just ensure the ultimate destruction. But time is running out, and the girls must find someone to trust, some way to escape or simply settle for being pawns in a brutal game forever.

I will forever be a geek. I’m not ashamed to say that I let my nerd flag fly, and I really enjoy novels that embrace the concept of time travel. Erasing Time by C.J. Hill promised me that and so much more. Giving us a world that is a broken mess of twisted lies, deceit and power-hungry villains, we’re sent on a journey with the characters, hoping only to save ourselves in time. Easily embracing the concept of an ever-unraveling and changing time scenario, Erasing Time whisks us away into a world that’s entirely foreign to us, but oddly familiar, as well, promising adventure, drama and perhaps just a touch of fear.

I have so many thoughts about Erasing Time. Seriously…so many. There is a part of me that absolutely loved this book, and there’s a part of me that is so very on the fence about my thoughts. I’ll start with what rocked. The world of Traventon, where Sheridan and Taylor are sent, is a maze of contrasts. The colours are vivid, but the world itself is utterly bleak and desolate. There is an excitement in the novelties of this strange world, such as the unique beauty expressions in which the population utilize skin dyes to create their own unique look. On the other hand, there is a twisting, gut-wrenching terror that simmers in the underbelly of the novel, weaving its way throughout the characters and the plot. The dynamic between the twins was extremely well done and utterly believable. Though only one twin gets a perspective in the novel, I never felt as though Erasing Time was one-sided. I completely understood Sheridan and Taylor, and both had extremely distinct personas. Echo, too, was a fascinating character with his blue hair and careful demeanor – though I’ll admit that the insta-love…or lust…or whatever…was a bit unsettling. My one big qualm with Erasing Time is that I wanted desperately to understand the world better. We’re painted this desolate picture of what life is today, but we never really learn why. What made them live their lives in domed cities? What created their bizarre political system? Near the end, we’re finally treated to a new world of information, but it’s rushed and happens so quickly. I almost wish the tense, action-packed ending had been filtered throughout to keep me guessing the entire time. I guess I had really just hoped that the page-turning suspense would have lasted throughout – rather than just the last third.

Overall, Erasing Time had an engaging hook, dynamic characters and a refreshing spin on sci-fi. Though I wasn’t entirely satisfied, it was definitely a good book. I give it a 4 out of 5, and I thoroughly believe others will enjoy all the twists, too. I recommend it to fans of YA, especially those who enjoy sci-fi and dystopian.

I received this book free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This, in no way, affected my opinion or review of this book.


  1. Sounds awesommme. And call me a geek too because I never tire of time travel. Well wait. Once I did. I hated it in The Time Traveler's Wife. But that wasn't the travel I hated. It was the leading lady that drove me batty.

  2. I'm glad to see you liked this one as well! I really enjoyed the time travel aspect, it was so unique. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what's going to happen next!! Awesome review :)

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  3. I'm really excited to read this one! People who dye their skin always reminds me of the Hunger Games! I'm glad you liked it :)

    Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

  4. Maybe I'll look into this even though I wasn't a huge fan of Hill's dragon slayer series.

  5. I love the concept of time travel, and this completely different world. Plus, TWINS! It's a winning situation to me ;)

  6. I also love the idea of time travel and am fascinated by twins and their relationships! This sounds like one to watch!!

  7. I always love the idea of Time Travel. Ever since Claire found Jamie that way *sigh* (Outlander). I read a mediocre review, but I trust you much more so I am going to give it a try :)

  8. I'm also a geek ^^ Time travel fascinates me. Awesome review :)

  9. I'm having a fit to read this one because of the twins! You know, because I have them and that means I have to read all the twin books. It looks fun.

  10. I'm overdue for a time travel novel. Erasing Time should do the trick very nicely! I would infer the state of affairs of the future from the popular view that mankind today is heading in the wrong direction,

  11. I haven't heard of this book. I didn't even see it at the bookstore. Hmmm. Love time travel plots. Definitely checking this out...cause of your comment about the gut-wrenching terror threaded through the story.


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