Ten Things on a Tuesday

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for summer, and this so-called spring in New England is toying with my psyche. And emotions. And soul. Pardon my excessive drama, but heck...is anybody else ready for this endless winter to be over? I loved the snow. In fact, I enjoyed the first 10+ snowfalls. Now it's April. Springtime. Flowers. Let's make this happen, Mother Nature! Despite my endless annoyance with the weather, I made a list of ten things making me happy (despite this fickle spring) on an early Tuesday morning.

1. Messages from General Conference playing over and over in my head. So uplifting, and so powerful.

2. Throwing my windows open last night and waking to the sound of lil' birdies chirping.

3. Counting the days till I get to see a certain handsome soldier out West again (11 days!)

4. Running outside at CrossFit, rather than just rowing. 

5. Yummy paleo dinners that last for 3 days, so I don't have to cook multiple times per week.

6. My sweet kitties, Stella and Jasper, who snuggle up to me when I'm feeling a lil' overwhelmed.

7. Thoughts of moving into a better, brighter, happier apartment very soon (fingers crossed).

8. This video. I had a "Kristen-Bell-with-the-sloth-esque" moment.

9. Shelves full of unread books - endless possibilities. What should I read next, friends?

10. Preparing for many days involving the following:


  1. I tend to tune out conference when I listen to it and end up reading the talks letter. I thought you weren't LDS?
    I love when my kitty cuddles with me although I love it even more when I wake up to my dog snuggled up in bed next to me (he jumps onto the bed after my husband leaves at 5 AM)

  2. I was baptized LDS, but I was inactive for a very long time, so I definitely haven't identified myself as LDS for a long time. Regardless of whether you are, or aren't though, Conference is powerful and uplifting.

  3. There were some wonderful, spiritual messages!

  4. Very true. I just tend to find it more uplifting when i read it later on :-) For some reason, I can't focus when I watch the video or audio stream.

  5. OMG! You have a chow!! Squee. I had a chow for 15 years. He was my bestest friend. Love that breed. <3 I love when my kitties cuddle too. I also love it when they cuddle with each other. Cuddle Puddles FTW!

  6. I sure do, and she's an angel! They're such a sweet breed...I've NEVER had a bad one!

  7. I'm so glad you're back, even if it's not all bookish stuff! I've been reading your posts in my email subscription and have been so busy I just haven't had time to stop and comment. But I've been enjoying them!
    I hope you get that brighter apartment soon! I think it makes a big difference in a persons mood if they live in a brighter, happier home.

  8. I adore having lots of books to read....and trying to pick which one to read next! I am such a bookwork haha xx

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