Top Ten Tuesday: Things On My Reading Wishlist

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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1. More male narrators. I like to try to mix up my reads these days, and while I've read a ton of great books from a female point of view, I'd really love to see the male voice heard a little bit more.

2. Different historical periods for fiction. We have so many choices with historical fiction, but I feel like there are some eras and historical periods that are so often overlooked (ummm the Dust Bowl? the Oregon Trail?)

3. More realistic romance. I've read some really great love stories, but not all of them are entirely plausible. I'd love to read more with an engaging but honest romantic storyline. Not everything is Twilight.

4. More cold settings other than Maine or Washington. I feel like all of the horror stories I read are in either of these two places. I'd love to see some more in Alaska or, hell, Antarctica. Boom.

5. More quirky reads. I love reading books that hit hard because I can actually kind of relate to them. Why not add in a novel about a bookworm that blogs? Really, I'd just like a novel that embraces whimsy.

6. More sci-fi in space. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Star Trek. And Firefly. Heck, I was raised on them. The point is, I'd love to see more stories with such prominently different backdrops, rather than just cut and dried dystopian "we had to escape the Earth" stories.

7. More thrillers and mysteries. If you've watched The Following, you'll know that my husband and I are addicted to this show. It's psychotic, and twisted, and hellish, but I can't stop watching. I want that in a book.

8. More powerful sister stories. So often, sisters hate each other in the novels I read. I'd love to see more of a bonded sister story, or one that evolves into something a lot more beautiful.

9. More young adult in other countries. I'm not just talking about travel stories. I'm talking about novels like Raw Blue, where they actually take place in another country. 

10. A novel with many different storylines that intersect. We see it a lot in movies like PS - I Love You, or Valentine's Day. I'd love to see a book like this for the younger lot, though I know it would take great skill.


  1. 2. I agree with you completely on this. Historical fiction definitely has the potential to expand a lot more because there's just so much to tell. It's one of my favorite subgenres, so I would definitely enjoy seeing reading more.

    3. Yes to that one as well. We definitely need more realistic romance in YA.

    5. Have you read No One Else Can Have You yet? That one was a super quirky book and I loved it! I would most definitely want to read more quirky books.

    8. I'm almost always looking for more realistic and positive sisters relationship in books. Not all sisters are jealous of each other.

    Great list, Melissa!

    1. Thanks, Nick! Some of my favourite books feature healthy sister dynamics, and I'd just love to see that illustrated in a more positive light in YA!

  2. That is one great wishlist!

    Check our TTT of this week.

    Leydy @ OUaT & Redcarpetendings

  3. 2. Different historical periods for fiction.
    Yessssssssss, there is way too much of history that doesn't get used. And all of it is pretty fascinating!

  4. I love your list. I tend to read almost every genre out there in fiction and then mix it further by reading YA, NA and Adult and a few of these I would love to see more of. I love male narrators and we need more. I love number four and five

  5. More historical periods yes! There are other ones than regency and Tudor ;)

  6. I hadn't thought about it, but I'd love more male MCs. The thing is that I love quality books like Something Like Normal or The Beginning of Everything. I hate with male MCs acting jerky and being all Bro. I'd also love to read more sister stories too in general. There's not enough of that.

    Aly @ My Heart Hearts Books

  7. YA novels set in other countries - yes!!! I've read some awesome ones, and I think EpicReads had a graphic with recommendations, so I need to beef up on this.

    Tanya Patrice

  8. Yes to ALL of these, Melissa! I'd love more sci-fi and historical fiction and realistic romances and especially books set in different countries. I hope YA can break out of the rather dull molds it's been in for awhile now. Fantastic Top Ten, dear! :)

  9. You're a Firefly fan! I know so few people who love Firefly! So yes to more sci-fi in space stories (Marissa Meyer's The Lunar Chronicles is sort of approaching that genre).


  10. Great list! I would love more male POVs in my books, definitely wish I'd put that on my list. And I also want more realistic romances. Great picks :)

    My TTT :)

  11. Yep, different time periods for historical settings made my list too:) And yes to sister stories and more quirk!

  12. Oh great ideas! I like novels in cold areas other than Maine or Washington! Please where you live is cold 10 months or more out of the year! And I love the multiple story lines idea. (do you like saying hubby?)

    Heather :)

  13. I would love to read more stories about sisters! I adore both of my sisters, and it would be nice to come across that type of relationship in a book. And I also have to agree about the YA set in other countries, because learning about other cultures can be really fun!

  14. Great post, Melissa! I want these, too: More male narrators, different locals (I live vicariously through the pages if I can't get there myself!), and thriller and mysteries. My first love was mysteries when I started reading on my own, Nancy Drew and then Agatha Christie, so I'm always excited to pick one up. With a little romance thrown in, of course. :)

  15. More quirky reads, yes! Seems like I love the reads that are a bit unconventional (Outcast by Adrienne Kress and No One Else Can Have You) because there seem to be so little of them. I'd love to read more YA in different countries too. Great list Melissa!

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence


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