The Dark Divine Launch Recap & Awards

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yesterday was so much fun! I had the great fortune of being able to attend The Dark Divine launch party here in Salt Lake City at the King's English bookstore. I was supposed to get an interview with the lovely Bree Despain, but the event was such a hit that there just wasn't any time. Hopefully this week sometime! First things first though. I received this award yesterday, and it's time to pass it on!

I received this award from Nikki over at A Haunt of Ancient Peace. Thanks Nikki! The Honest Scrap award is given to those who write from the bottom of their hearts and put their soul into what they do. In accepting this award, I must list 10 (hopefully) interesting things about myself that you may not have known and then pass the award along to 7 other bloggers. 10 fun facts about me are:

1. I speak three languages, two of which I speak fluently.
2. I escaped Alcatraz when I was 22. And no, I am not joking.
3. I am allergic to my own adrenaline, as well as hypersensitive to sunlight.
4. My graduation present was supposed to be a Chow-Chow puppy, but I don't have her yet.
5. I could swim before I could walk and I competed for 20 years. I just retired.
6. I wrote a complete book, which is currently out on submission. I'm writing another.
7. When I read books, I tend to see them like movies playing out in my head.
8. I have two amazing sisters, Nikki & Kristina, and they're my best friends in the whole world.
9. I am completely and hopelessly addicted to caffeine and Red Bull. Oops.
10. It's an off day if I don't trip over air.

So, the 7 blogs I'd like to nominate are...
1. Amna at Amna Writes
2. Raven at Love Letters to Forever
3. Adriana at Loves to Read
4. Justine & Steff at A Bookful of Thoughts
5. Holly at Good Golly Miss Holly
6. Jessica at Shut Up! I'm Reading
7. Sasha at The Sweet Bonjour

I have another award to hand out tomorrow, so stay tuned for that!
Ok, onto the meat of this post...The Dark Divine launch party! I figured I'd show you the party through pictures and a couple of really awful videos I took.

Bree Despain! Isn't she lovely? She was so friendly and told us all about the terrible car accident that started her on the road to writing The Dark Divine. If you don't know the story, click here.

Bree and I during the TDD signing. She was so sweet...signed my book and gave me TDD nail polish!

The King's English Bookstore. It's the cure for the common book retailer...absolutely adorable on the inside, and they have a TON of signings. Bree's event totally kicked the other events' asses!

My loot! The purple nail polish is so pretty...I wish I actually liked wearing nail polish.

Ok, now a couple of videos to wrap up. They're really quiet because I got stuck all the way in back (right next to Bree's nieces) and the room was pouring with babies!

This was right at the beginning when she started to tell us about how she began writing The Dark Divine. Please excuse the person who cuts right in front of the camera. Awesome.

In this vid, Bree is reading the confrontation between Jude and Grace on the porch. The video is super quiet, and Bree said she was totally nervous. It was a ton of fun though!

Oh, and a few fun facts about Bree and The Dark Divine.
1. Yes, there is a sequel to The Dark Divine!
2. Did you know that the first agent interested in TDD wanted to get rid of the prodigal son reference?
3. Bree already knows the ending for Book 2...and she's excited!
4. Bree's cure for writer's block = bubble baths and chocolate.
5. Bree is hoping to finish writing Book 2 within the month!


  1. Thank you for nominating me :)

    You've also been nominated for an award at my blog

  2. Congrats on the award! I definitely know what you mean by the books play like movies, and that's why I never get how people can say watching movies are so much better than reading!
    And the launch party looks AWESOME. Glad you had fun and loved those fun facts. Can't wait for the sequel! (YES, THERE IS ONE!) :D

  3. Congrats on your award. ALCATRAZ? Whoa.
    Aww, Bree Despain looks adorable indeed, glad to hear you had a great time! Sadly I can't see the videos ... :(

  4. Wow, your list is really fascinating!!

  5. Thanks for the award! :) Your list is incredibly interesting. And thanks for the recap! I LOVED TDD.



  7. Thanks for the lovely recap! It was so nice to meet you. Thanks so much for coming out to the party!!

  8. That bookstore looks amazing! I'm so excited to read this book!

    And so fun to learn more about you. I have two sisters who are my besties too and how cool is it that you're fluent in other languages. Rock on and happy new year!

  9. Thank you so much for the award!
    I'm really looking forward to reading The Dark Divine.
    Curious...What 3 languages do you speak? And you must elaborate on your escape from Alcatraz, I need details in case I'm ever in that situation.

  10. Congrats on your award...and thanks for passing it onto me! :D You're the best!

    Ooh, yay for book 2! I haven't read TDD yet..and I can't wait to! :D

    :O You wrote a book! I'm interested to know what it's about. YA?

  11. OO wow, Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. I never get authors in my area.

    Her book is on my TBR list

  12. Hey! That´s awesome you´re so lucky, enjoy your book :)

  13. Oooo I know another blogger who went to this signing :) how cool! The shop looks so cute it makes me want to visit Utah again :)


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