Saturday Scribbles #3 & Awards!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I received the Kreativ Blogger award this week from Elle at Elle Strauss. She's got an amazing blog with great thoughts on writing, as well as some amazing writing skills, herself! I highly suggest you check her out!

So, with this award, I'm supposed to tell you seven interesting things about myself and pass it on to 7 other creative! How can I possibly pick just seven other bloggers?! Anyhoo, here goes:

1. I'm a cat-lady in training. I have two cats and a bad habit of adopting homeless animals (cats) when I see them.
2. I could swim before I could walk.
3. My greatest fear in life is being ordinary.
4. I'm terrified of the bottom of boats.
5. I have always wanted to be a rebel, but I find it's too difficult, so I give up.
6. My older sister and I are often mistaken for twins, though we're two years apart.
7. I have a tendency to cry when I'm really angry.

Ok, so the seven blogs I'd like to give this to are:

1. Alyssa, Jake, and Gregory from Teens Read and Write
2. Lucy from Delightful Reviews
3. Justine & Steff from A Bookful of Thoughts
4. Kari from A Good Addiction
5. SB from Not Too Serious I Hope
6. Juju from Tales of Whimsy
7. Caitlin from All Things Print

Ok, onto other things...for my Saturday Scribbles this week, I'd like to pose a question to all of you. How important do you find back story to be in the novels you read? As a writer, it's difficult to find the balance between too much and too little...I am fast-discovering this.

If you had a choice, would you leave out the back story except for minute details simply to lend to the reason why the story is taking place, or do you enjoy reading the backstory? Does it depend on the voice to you?

And one final closing note - Lucy from Delightful Reviews is featuring a guest post of yours truly today on her blog! Please check it out, and if you don't already follow should! She's awesome!


  1. For me, I really enjoy reading back story because I think that it adds more meaning to the books that I'm reading. Generally, if I read into it well, the essence of the books will stay longer. I like it better that way =)

  2. Back story is really important to me. It helps me to get to know the characters more, and that helps me to enjoy the other parts of the book more. Most of my favorite stories have a lot of back story. Congrats on your award!

  3. Thanks for the award and congrats to you and your nominees. I cry when I'm angry too. How nice that you take in animals! And don't worry, you aren't anywhere near ordinary.

    Back story - I don't want much and I don't want it in the beginning of the book. Start when things change for the protagonist and pepper in the backstory later.

  4. Congrats on your award and love the answers too cute!

  5. Hehehe. Great survey on backstory. As you probably know, I'm siding with Alyssa on this one. Back story is important, but not up front, and not in blocky/info dumping paragraphs.

    It's great getting to know you better. Are you afraid of the bottom of boat from your prospective from the water as a swimmer, or as a passager inside of one?

    Also, I see no danger of you being ordinary, so you can put that fear to bed.

  6. Thanks so much for the award :)

    By the way, that's amazing how you could swim before you could walk! :D

  7. Congratulations! You won an award at

  8. I know I've posted yesterday. I just want to pass an interesting award to you :) Do click here to join in the fun =)

  9. Congrats on the award! And I also cry when I'm angry. I hate it, but that only makes me angrier... lol.
    And I've headed over and commented on the guest post! :D

  10. Oh Melissa -- thanks so so much for this honour! I love that you come and visit and comment on my site! Also, I too am a major cat lover!!! There's just something so precious about the relationship between cats and humans!!!

  11. I <3 your answers! I <3 that you could swim before you could walk. Very cool!

    Thank you for the awesome award!
    Thank you so much for thinking of me :)

  12. Thanks so much for the award! Sorry it took me a few days to get over here. I'm going to do a post right now and pass it along. Thanks for thinking of me!


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