Tuesday Teaser #3 & Night Runner Review

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ok, so I recently finished Night Runner by Max Turner. I was shopping around in Target the other day, and the cover screamed out at me. Did I have any idea what it was about? No. Did it look good? Heck yeah!

For Zack Thomson, living in the Nicholls Ward isn't so bad. After his parents died, he developed strange and severe allergies, and the mental institution was the only place where he could be properly looked after. As strange as it was, it was home. He could watch as much television as he wanted; his best friend Charlie visited him often enough; and Nurse Ophelia--the prettiest no-nonsense nurse ever--sometimes took him bowling. Of course, that didn't mean he had it easy. His allergies restricted his diet to strawberry smoothies, and being the only kid at the hospital could get lonely. But it never once crossed Zack's mind to leave...until the night someone crashed through the front doors and told him to run. Now he's on a race for answers--about his past, his parents, and his strange sickness--even as every step takes him closer to the darkest of truths. Taken from GoodReads.

The story follows 15-year-old Zack, living in a mental institution for pretty much all his life. He's allergic to everything - all foods, sunlight - all of it. The only time he can come out is after dark, and he runs all night. When a stranger tells him to run, his instinct is to refuse, but his only real comfort, Nurse Ophelia, disappears soon after, and Zack is forced to run. Under the guidance of his elusive Uncle Max, Zack discovers he is a vampire because he was bitten by his father's killer, Baron Vrolok. With Charlie's help, as well as Luna, the sister of Charlie's girlfriend, Zack tries to evade the police because he's told to do so at all costs. Without giving too much else away, Zack discovers that enemies can also be blood enemies.

I'm kind of torn about this book. It was a lot of fun, as well as an easy read. I enjoyed the plot, for the most part, but I feel like it ended so abruptly. On the back, it also hints at romance between Luna and Zack. They hint at it, but it's very vague in the book. I feel like that would really have added to the depth of the novel. That said, I'll give it a 3.5 out of 5 on sheer entertainment value.

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The Tuesday Teaser is down, my friends! Check back next week to read more!


  1. Night Rider sounds interesting.
    Your writing is amazing and beautiful. I love it!

  2. I've heard a lot of good things about Night Runner. Great review! Honest and to the point.

  3. I loved your teaser, the writing was absolutely beautiful.

    Such great voice and so hooking.


  4. The cover of Night Runner is kind of mesmerizing. Thank you for the honest review. And the teaser is lovely! Did you write it?

  5. Ooh, I've gotta read Night Runner. It sounds so good.

    And wow, your teaser is amazing! Please don't stop! I love, love, love it! It could lead to an awesome story :)

  6. Loving the Night Runner cover. I would have picked it up too!

    Also enjoyed your teaser! Keep going with it!

  7. Woah, love the summary and your review for The Night Runner! I wasn't really sure what this one was about and definitely did not see that vampire coming. Guess I might have to check it out? Though I like to have romance in my books. ;)

    And nice teaser! It sounds good and a lot like a ghost story of some sort. Keep up the great work!

  8. Great teaser! Can't wait to read more. I love a good ghost story.

  9. This book has been on my wish list for months! Maybe I'll pass it for now though, I'm not really good with the kind of ending that just hints at romance haha. Great review :)!!



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