Friday Fix #10...Meet Cate!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Friday Fix is a takeover of my Friday blog post by other bloggers who have volunteered their time and energy to "star" in their very own guest post on Friday. Only one mandatory thing - you must answer five of the most random questions I throw your way. The rest is up to you. Remember, if you'd like to be featured on the Friday Fix, shoot me your email, and let me know! So, without further ado, here is Cate from Sparrow Review!

The Most Random Questions in the World...

1. How old must you be before one can say you died of old age?

Hmm... I'd say 70 is probably old enough to be considered

2. Who delivers the postman's mail?

Well, I imagine that he'd pick up his own post along the way. Unless he hired his own personal postman, which would be rather funny. "I'm Cate, and I'm the postman's postman." *chuckle*

3. If you were to soak a raisin in water, would that turn it back into a grape?

Haha! While that would be absolutely amazing, I have a feeling you'd end up with a rather soggy raisin.

4. Could you stare off into space if you're in space?

Absolutely! It's all the more convenient because you're actually in space. Plus the view would be amazing; all the stars and the planets floating around. I bet it'd be gorgeous. ;)

5. How important must one be before a murder is considered an assassination?

Well, the only assassinations we really her about are those of Presidents or royalty. So, I'd say you have to be in high governmental standing to be assassinated. Which is unfortunate, because each life is really as important as the rest.


Cate's blog is definitely one of my favourites to visit, so I highly recommend you check her blog out! As a final closing note, friends...I have another contest coming up very soon, so get excited!!! It's a good one!!! :)


  1. Great post Melissa love your random questions ha! I'd love to be featured on this but I couldn't find your email ha

  2. Haha, this is great! I love the unique questions. I can't wait to be featured on this! April 16th, I think?

    from Une Parole

  3. These questions are hiliarious!

  4. Hey, Melissa! I haven't been around for a looong while, but I'm glad to read your blog again. :D
    And great questions and answers! Lol, I bet it would be gorgeous staring off into space... -happy sigh-

  5. Thanks for having me, Melissa!!

  6. I enjoyed this post, Melissa! The 2nd question did make me chuckle and I'm 100% with you for the last one =)

    Have a pleasant weekend!

  7. The random questions made my day! : )
    And you have an award waiting for you on my blog @

  8. And....You can find an award for you at Silly Little Game Called Life

  9. Those are hilarious! And I would love to participate, if thats possible

  10. Ha, awesome questions! Especially #2 :D

  11. Fun questions. I enjoy reading them. :)


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