Waiting on Wednesday 3/24

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Jill from Breaking the Spine, and spotlights upcoming novels we just can't wait for! We all know there are a ton of great books coming out this year, but this week, I'm particularly excited for...

Title: Tell Me a Secret
Author: Holly Cupala
Release Date: June 22, 2010

Tell me a secret, and I'll tell you one…

In the five years since her bad-girl sister Xanda’s death, Miranda Mathison has wondered about the secret her sister took to the grave, and what really happened the night she died. Now, just as Miranda is on the cusp of her dreams—a best friend to unlock her sister’s world, a ticket to art school, and a boyfriend to fly her away from it all—Miranda has a secret all her own.

Then two lines on a pregnancy test confirm her worst fears. Stripped of her former life, Miranda must make a choice with tremendous consequences and finally face her sister’s demons and her own.
Taken from GoodReads

You know, this isn't normally my type of book. I feel like a lot of authors use the premise of a teen pregnancy, but they don't always delve into the reasons and events that led the girls and boys to that position in life. Tell Me a Secret sounds refreshingly honest and a tad blunt, which I think is great. While I'm not too fond of the cover - I feel it's a bit ordinary in a sea of incredible covers - I think it fits the title.

What are you waiting on this week? Leave me a link, and I'll check it out! :)


  1. Hope you enjoy this one Melissa! Here is my pick:


  2. It's funny, I like the cover - I think like you it fits the cover, the synopsis does make it sound really good as well, I cant wait to read it.

  3. This one does sound good, although not my normal genre either, I'll have to check it out. Here's my WOW.

  4. Oh wow this sounds SO good! I actually kind of like the cover too. Great pick Melissa! :)

  5. I don't thik I've ever read a book dealing with pregnancy. This one sounds darker than most, though. It seems like she has more to struggle with. I'll probably read this when it comes out, I'm intrigued. Great choice!

  6. The cover definitely draws you in. This is one is on my TBR list.

  7. Wow! Love the cover!! Also love your icon for WoW.

  8. I saw this book yesterday while browsing on Goodreads! It sounds good.

  9. Not my usual genre either. Can't wait for your review! ;)

  10. Wow, this sounds really fascinating. I've been seeing this around a lot lately, but I had no idea what it was about. Thanks for the summary!

  11. Wow, nice choice. It sounds like an interesting and compelling read for sure! Hope it's good.

    from Une Parole

  12. I haven't really read too many books like this, so it does sound intriguing...awesome pick!


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