Friday Fix #11 - It's Amelia!

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Friday Fix is a takeover of my Friday blog post by other bloggers who have volunteered their time and energy to "star" in their very own guest post on Friday. Only one mandatory thing - you must answer five of the most random questions I throw your way. The rest is up to you. Remember, if you'd like to be featured on the Friday Fix, shoot me your email, and let me know! So, without further ado, here is Amelia from Imagination in Focus!

The Most Random Questions in the World...

1. How far East can you go before you're heading West?

Well historically, the East met the West at the Hellespont, so as the dorky history major, I’ll have to say – go straight through Europe and take a left at Istanbul, then you’re in the East!

2. Why doesn't McDonalds sell hot dogs?

Because they’re not as cool as Sonic.

3. Why is the Lone Ranger called "lone" if his friend Tonto is always with him?

Hmmm, good point! Unless they meant “lonely” because he doesn’t have a girlfriend… unless that’s supposed to be Tonto, too! o_O

4. Are eyebrows considered facial hair?

Yes! I knew this girl once who…ughhhh. Never mind, I get the hibidy-jibidies just remembering that unibrow action. So yes, definitely considered facial hair!

5. If you were given the opportunity to win $50 million for eating six live spiders, would you do it?

No way. I don’t like spiders or their little hairy legs, and while I’d love nothing more than to smash six spiders into tiny bits, I wouldn’t put them in my mouth to do it.


Thank you so much, Amelia! If you haven't done so already, I highly suggest you check out her blog...she's the one who introduced me to Percy Jackson!!!

As a final closing note...remember, tomorrow is the last day to enter my giveaway of two (2) signed copies of Glorious by Bernice L. McFadden! Click here to enter!


  1. Hey some unis (I was born with a unibrow) take care of their brows and sculpt true loveliness out of their misgivings ;) *wink wink* ;)

    Fun interview!

  2. Nice interview! I also agree about the spiders. Ick!

  3. i will never eat those spiders..yuck!

  4. *shudder* Ugh, the spider question. That will haunt me tonight. ;)

  5. Hahha yay, thanks Melissa for the interview! :D

  6. Hahaha the last question made me laugh. It reminded me of this weird thing they did where people had a challenge to shower for 100 hours and the winner received 5,000 dollars

  7. oh amelia AND melissa - two of my faves in one blog - how lucky!


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