Author Interview - Melissa Kantor

Monday, January 31, 2011

Melissa Kantor is the author of books such as  (just to name a few) Girlfriend Material, Confessions of a Not It Girl and most recently, The Darlings are Forever. A veteran of YA contemporary fiction that appeals to all age levels, Melissa was kind enough to take a few moments out of her super busy day and chat with me about The Darlings are Forever, which I reviewed today! So, without further ado...the interview...

1. Please describe The Darlings are Forever in five words or less!

BFF + different schools = very complicated

2. Do you have a favourite character in The Darlings are Forever and if so, who is it and why?

There's a part of me in each of The Darlings. Jane is my first actress character, and I was a big actress in high school, so a lot of what happens to her (but not everything--you'll see why I've added that last note) happened to me. And Natalya can act selfishly--putting her own hopes and dreams before the needs of her friends, and I think that's something I used to do a lot (and can still do if I'm not careful). So I feel very sympathetic to her. And Victoria feels like everything she does around the guy she likes is sooo lame, which used to happen to me all the time. Because I feel so sympathetic to each of them, it's hard for me to have a favorite. I feel like I love them all, even when they're being their worst selves.

3. What inspired you to write The Darlings are Forever?

I wanted to write a book about best friends who have to make plans to see each other. I know that might sound like a silly premise, but I think it's really, really hard to go from seeing someone every day (several times a day) at school to suddenly having to figure out how you're going to get time with that person. Can you stay best friends if everything about your life--where you live, where you go to school, all of your extra-curricular commitments--stand in the way of your seeing that person?

4. You can either have your best friend or all your books on a deserted island. Which do you choose and why?

Oh, definitely my best friend! What's the fun of all those books if you can't talk about them with anyone?

5. What does friendship mean to you?

Friends are people who love everything about you; it's not that they don't know you have faults, it's more that they know your faults and they still wouldn't have you any other way.

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell your readers?

I'm going to be visiting book clubs in the New York City area in the spring. So if you have a book club and you're reading The Darlings Are Forever, email me at with the time and date of your book club meeting!

To find out more about Melissa and her writing, visit her website HERE, visit her blog HERE, or find her on twitter HERE. Again, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us, Melissa - it was fun!


  1. I haven't read any of Melissa's books yet, but The Darlings has appeared a lot on the blogs just recently and I'm finding myself being drawn to it more and more.

  2. Very interesting questions you asked there, Melissa. I seriously wish that I have many friends as described by the author above. That would really be lovely!

  3. Awesome interview Melissa and Melissa! I wish I lived in New York:)

  4. Awe! I love the answer to number 5! So true. Though I don't know about being stranded on an island with my BFFs. We would probably kill each other. LOL

    Fun interview! Thanks ladies.

  5. Nice review, thank you both of you!

  6. Good questions! I can really relate to best friends apart, my primary school best friend moved to Australia 2 years ago but we still talk on the phone a lot. I love the definition of friendship for 5., I completely agree with it :)

  7. I had no idea that authors visited book clubs! She seems so down to earth and friendly. I had a best friend that I had to make plans to meet with from 6-9th grade because we went to separate schools. Somehow we made it work, but it was hard. We went to 10-12th grade together and then were college roommates after that. We are no longer friends but it was fun while it lasted we'd known each other since first grade and were best friends for 35 yrs.


  8. Love the interview! Your questions were great and Melissa's answers were even better. I seriously can't wait to read The Darlings are Forever.

  9. 5 words to describe a book? Wow... nicely done! Love this review and the view on friendships!

  10. The book sounds pretty good and I really liked the answers Melissa gave. I may have to add The Darlings are Forever to my wishlist.

  11. Great interview! The Darlings are Forever sounds like such a relatable and cute novel.

  12. Great interview Melissa. I love Melissa Kantor's answer to what friendship means :)

  13. Wow. I love her answer to number 5 :)

  14. I've yet to read any of Melissa's books, but after reading the interview, I think I must. The Darlings Are Forever (has a great title) sounds really sweet and real and like something I'd enjoy.

    Great interview! I'd take my real life BFF over books anyday :D


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