Friday Fix #42 - Meet the Mad Scientist & Noah the Victorian Punk

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Friday Fix is a takeover of my Friday blog post by other bloggers who have volunteered their time and energy to "star" in their very own guest post on Friday. Only one mandatory rule (you can't get out of it!) - you must answer five of the most random questions I throw your way. The rest is up to you. Remember, if you'd like to be featured on the Friday Fix, send me an email, and let me know! So, without further ado, here are the Mad Scientist and Noah the Victorian Punk from Steampunkery & Book Reviews!

The Most Random Questions in the World...

1. Can you cry real tears underwater?

Mad Scientist - *gasps* Mad Scientist does not leak salt water (I might rust). However, I would have to say it is in the human nature to be full of emotions. One knows the results are most likely in the line of tears, I tend to lean towards morbid anger. Most people see it as a sign of some sort of weakness so we try to hide our tears while we bath. Underwater can't be much different albeit be a bit hard to literally cry underwater for a good while. Breathing does need to cocur in order for in take of oxygen to happen. BUT... It is a good place to let out the tears and have them wash away at the same time. No one would see the said weakness.

Noah the Victorian Punk - Of course you can, but it's truly difficult if it's a large body of water and you are fully submerged because it's hard to hold your breath and cry while under the water. Although I wouldn't know from personal experience *clears throat*.

2. If you had a three story house and were in the second floor, are you upstairs or downstairs, or can't you be both at the same time?

Mad Scientist - If I had a three story house I would of paid to have a fourth... Second floor, I would be upstairs from the first floor and downstairs from the third floor so by process of elemaniation I would have to concure with the hypothesis of being both at the same time. Logically speaking of course.

Noah the Victorian Punk - It depends, of course, where you are standing. If you are in the parking lot, then you live upstairs. However, if you are visiting your neighbor on the 3rd floor than you live downstairs. Although, I think living on the second floor means you live in the middle which I hear has a better rate of constant homeostasis.

3. Why do we say we're head over heels if we're happy? Aren't we always?

Mad Scientist - We are head over heels namely not because we are happy persay, I would like to think of it as acting like a comeplete backside once we think we are in love which makes random people happy. I don't understand it, Noah believes I happen to have a clockwork heart but we all know that is not completely true.

Noah the Victiorian Punk - I'd say it's because sometimes you can have your head theoretically stuck someplace that is possibly lower than your heels. Although I would think that something in the middle region of the body would be a bit more accurate (namely the bum region). But then again, have you ever tried to put your heels above your head, it's not an easy feat.

4. How does Freddy Krueger wipe his bum?

Mad Scientist - *grin of horror* Oh my, I believe you have just added the weirdest images to my head. I think they should address this in his next film. My first thought it is that he doesn't wipe. *Ugh* Gross. Next guess would be that he air dries and/or just rubbs his bum on a wall. LOL! Which would be percuilar to see but would be again gross. *whispers to Mr. Krueger* Freddy, dear when ever you are in need of service call 1-800-Vic-Punk for any services you may need. I heard he is great at assisting!

Noah the Victorian Punk - Oi, mate, bloody hell! I'd say very carefully otherwise, that is some pain that I cannot fathom and I hope to never experience in this or any lifetime. Even if I am burnt all the way through my trousers and several layers of skin.

5. Do woodpeckers ever get headaches from slamming their faces into trees all day?

Mad Scientist - *blushes* Peckers, too inapproiate. Onward with the question... I know I get headaches from them. If I was a woodpecker and had to slam my face into a tree over and over I think I would change my occupation to swan. They just get to swim and look pretty & perhaps Edward would find met. Although, they contiue with their feat of finding food inside of the tree instead of else where I would have to conclude that they possibly don't get headaches but live with a constant one so they never feel the pain. Ever there. Poor creatures.

Noah the Victorian Punk - This question brings to mind all kinds of thoughts that are probably inappropriate for this blog (but hysterically funny albeit dirty), so I will say that I would think so. I mean, the wood is tough but those little peckers can only take so much before they are worn out with exhaustion that their heads are in a bit of a trauma and must rest, at least, for a couple hours before they have the ability to peck again (Okay, I'm laughing, because I'm a bit perverse).

Ok, seriously? I cracked up. A lot. Thank you, Mad Scientist and Noah the Victorian Punk, for all the ridiculous answers and smiles - and thanks for putting up with my insane questions! To all of you - their blog is just made of awesome. If you haven't already, please drop by Steampunkery & Book Reviews for a fun, informative blog with a great new spin on YA literature!

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  1. Hahaha After an especially tiring day at college, this post made me smile. Hilarious questions and answers!

  2. Seriously, where do you come up with these questions! They are always super funny and well just funny. I hear the mad scientist. Great blog!

  3. Your Friday Fix is always a great start to my Friday :)

  4. These are the best questions yet! The Freddy Krueger one definitely calls to mind some unwelcome images, but it's hilarious that now we are all pondering the way he might go about wiping his rear. Great answers as well, this is one of my very favorite features:)

  5. Thank you :) and I want to make some stuff for the wedding but the thing is I don't want to have to bake a ton of food the day before the wedding. Did your sister freeze her food?

  6. Love the woodpecker question! These always make me laugh. :]

  7. Haha! Awesome post!..Just stopping by to say hi and thanks for visiting my site ~ Following your blog now so I will be back for sure! :)
    Kristy @ Dreaming By Day

  8. Awesome interview!! Melissa, Mad Scientist, and Noah, you are all hilarious!

  9. That was hilarious!! Great questions and hilarious answers!!

    I chose you to receive the Making Smiles on Faces Award over on my blog (how fitting!) Check it out!

  10. I LOVE the questions you ask Melissa! Especially how does Freddy Kruegar wipe his bum! LOL
    I'm glad you got these two for a fun interview, I really love their blog! :)

  11. I love Mad Scientist and Noah! Great feature, and the questions just kill me every week. Have a great weekend!

  12. OMG this was so funn! :) Love this one: How does Freddy Krueger wipe his bum?... lol.

  13. Love this! Everyone always need a good laugh! And at the Freddy Krueger question I kept thinking a BIDET!

  14. Great questions and awesome answers!! I'll be sending mine soon-promise!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Haha, ok now that image of Freddy trying to wipe his bum is stuck in my brain ;)

  16. That was... the strangest yet most amusing interview type thing I've ever read!

    Quick question for Melissa: I saw in the comments of Wicked Awesome Books that you said you had turned down an offer to review products for CSN, and I was wondering if there was any particular reason. I know that you, like me, are a devout Catholic, and I was curious about your motives and whether they pertained to some moral issue of some sort. Please let me know if you know something I should know. Thanks!
    Zombie Girrrl

  17. These were very entertaining anwers! I especially liked the response to the Freddy Krueger question! LoL :o)

  18. I love this random question feature you have on your blog! Haha!!! The Harry Potter thing is from a challenge to read all the books again this year. Perfect for me; it was the first book series I fanaticked over. It will always have that soft spot in my heart!

  19. LMAO! Loved this Q&A session! However, I don't think your readers will be the same after the Kruger question and the woodpecker answer! ;D

  20. Lol I happen to agree with Melissa; still (or maybe because of that) I joined your blog.

  21. Oh my stomach hurts from laughing! That was hilarious. Especially the last two questions :D

  22. Oh Melissa-

    Did you know what you were getting yourself into when you asked these two to be your Friday Fix? I'm dying laughing with my hubby as I'm recovering from an unsuccessful day of Bloggiesta! Thanks for the questions and hosting this pair!


  23. Too Too funny, I adore Mad Scientist and Nora and their answers to your outlandish question were a hoot!

  24. Bwahaha at the Freddy and Woodpecker questions. Judging from their (as Jan put it), highly outlandish and hysterical answers, I'm going to have to go and visit their blog :D

  25. *scratches head*

    I'm seriously confused. LOL!

    Super fun answers to some seriously whacked out questions. Though I kind of regret reading the Q&A to number 4. I am certain it is going to lead to nightmares, and nightmares where Mr. Krueger is involved are no bueno.

  26. Haha! I won't get tired of saying I love this feature because it never fails to make me laugh. One of the best therapies ever!

  27. LOL! I loved the question on Freddie wiping his butt. :D That is a great one. I love the spontanious feeling to these questions. :) Thanks for another great week!

  28. LMAO!!! Too funny! Yep, now I will be walking around with the images of Freddy and the woodpecker all day!

    Kat @ A Journey In Reading


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