Friday Fix #41 - Meet Jen!

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Friday Fix is a takeover of my Friday blog post by other bloggers who have volunteered their time and energy to "star" in their very own guest post on Friday. Only one mandatory rule (you can't get out of it!) - you must answer five of the most random questions I throw your way. The rest is up to you. Remember, if you'd like to be featured on the Friday Fix, send me an email, and let me know! So, without further ado, here is Jen from In the Closet with a Bibliophile!

The Most Random Questions in the World...

1. If you're "not yourself today," then who the heck are you?

A crazy deranged soul named Alice who loves popsicles and ice cream and maybe even some cookies. She doesn't think rationally and yells on command. I'm sensing some possible anger issues as well.

2. If you don't pay an exorcist, can you be repossessed?

Depends on the exorcist, If it's anything like Downside Ghosts (by Stacia Kane), then the exorcist would pay me to remove the ghost, so it's not a problem. Otherwise, my thinking is that demons are scary and should be avoided at all costs so if you must be exorcised, and you have to pay, always pay because the exorcist could try and release the demon/possessor from it's prison of ungodly terror. *shudders* And that would not be pretty.

3. Why is a building called a building if it's already built?

Well, the person who made up the word "building" was too lazy to think of another one for the finished product so he/she/it? was like "We can just have the word be a verb and a noun and call it day. Who wants coffee?"

4. What happens if someone becomes addicted to therapy?

They get to pay someone $300 an hour to tell them that they aren't "really" addicted to therapy and that it was a very nice session and they will see them again tomorrow for their next session where they will discuss their feelings concerning their "so-called" addiction to therapy and that it's not really a big deal to talk about your feelings to a dedicated professional for 10 hours a day as long as you can "find yourself" in the next 10 to 20 years.

5. Why do we say something is out of whack? What is whack?

Whack is seriously and totally when something is off the charts, out of sync with it's normal sway in the world...yo! So we say things are out of whack because we think it makes us sound urban and super cool, which by the way, it totally does. Which, I'll have you know, that there are multiple meanings of the word "whack" many of which definitely don't go with that saying and also...they make me giggle. (because I'm a total nerd!)


Jen, thank you so much for dropping by and dealing with all my absurd musings! To the rest of you, I've been following Jen's blog for almost a year now, and she never ceases to amaze me with her insightful reviews and humour. I highly recommend you drop by her blog, In the Closet with a Bibliophile, to check it out and say hi!

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  1. I visited, I read and I am a follower right now - thanks for awesome questions and witty answers!

  2. This segment each week always makes me smile. I think I kind of like Alice (though maybe not her anger issues, but definitely her love of popsicles, ice cream and cookies:) Great answers Jen, and as always, your mind astounds me Melissa!

  3. Lol, I loved the building question, and such a cool answer

  4. Always enjoy this every week!! :)

  5. This feature never fails to make me smile:) The questions and the answers are both amusing!

  6. What a bizarre interview! Fun, but bizarre!

  7. Melissa-

    I do love this part of Friday! You've got a great sense of humor and so do the people that volunteer to answer these questions. I'll have to check her blog out!


  8. Well, that was whack! :P

    I love Friday Fix. The Q&A always makes me laugh while I'm stuck at the office.

  9. Again, more awesome questions. I never even considered people could become addicted to therapy! What a weird, going-in-circles problem that would be...

    Have a fantastic Friday and weekend, Melissa! :D

  10. Great interview. Where do you come up with these?

  11. Haha, I'm totally pondering the meaning of the word "whack" now. Great interview!

  12. I so love this meme! I really love the questions and answers!!

  13. Another great set of questions!
    Thanks for the laugh!

  14. Ooh, that was a great intro question ;) Brilliant answers, Jen!

  15. Yet another Fabulous Friday fix from you. Loved the questions and loved the responses. LOL - my favourite would have to be the therapy question and the If you're not yourself today question. *grins* Melissa, you come up with the most awesome questions ever :D

  16. Love questions 1 and 5! And the answers too - the therapy one is especially true for psychoanalytic therapy, I think :D

  17. LOL! This meme is always so much fun. Question one was hilarious :D

  18. Haha! This meme never fails to make my day. I love all the questions and answers! :D :D :D

  19. Lol, I loved all the answers and am off to check out Jen's blog :)

  20. Thanks for stopping by The Wormhole and commenting on my Iron Daughter review - you have to read the series! You will love it! Stop back this weekend - I am participating in the Dreaming of Books Giveaway Hop!

  21. After reading Jen's answers to your totally bizarre and "whacky" questions, I know I will totally love her blog and am heading over right now to check her out!

  22. Thanks for having me on! I had way too much fun with those questions. Then again, I'm amused easily...give me blinds and I can entertain myself with their turning (definite nerd!). I love this meme, it's so fun. It's even more fun to participate.

    (also, my kitty was a rescue kitty. they are so fun and adorable.)

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  23. Ha, love this! These Q & A's just get better and funnier every week :D

  24. Great fun questions! And wonderful fun answers. :)

    Whack is a great word. I love it! :) Great to meet you Jen! :)


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