False Memory by Dan Krokos Review

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Title: False Memory
Author: Dan Krokos (Twitter)
Publisher: Hyperion
Publish Date: August 14, 2012
Genre: YA, Sci-Fi
Pages: 336
Source: Publisher

Miranda wakes up alone on a park bench with no memory. In her panic, she releases a mysterious energy that incites pure terror in everyone around her. Except Peter, a boy who isn’t at all surprised by Miranda’s shocking ability.

Left with no choice but to trust this stranger, Miranda discovers she was trained to be a weapon and is part of an elite force of genetically-altered teens who possess flawless combat skills and powers strong enough to destroy a city. But adjusting to her old life isn’t easy—especially with Noah, the boyfriend she can’t remember loving.

Then Miranda uncovers a dark truth that sets her team on the run. Suddenly her past doesn’t seem to matter... when there may not be a future.
Miranda, quite literally, doesn't know who she is. She doesn't know how she got to the park bench, she doesn't know where she came from and she has no idea what this power is that causes people around her to riot and rebel. Lost and alone, Miranda is surprised to find that Peter, a complete stranger, knows more about her than she knows about herself...and the truth is shocking. Miranda isn't just a teenage girl anymore. She's dangerous, she's lethal, and she might very well be the ultimate force of destruction.

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for science fiction novels, yet for some reason, False Memory seemed to fly under my radar for the longest time, simply collecting dust on my shelf. I can say with complete certainty that I should have picked it up sooner. Starting with a bang and sending readers into a maze filled with questions, hidden agendas, immense power and enough drama to keep you awake for days, this book is a winner. Dan Krokos has written a story that even the most reluctant science-fiction reader will love.

Despite the fact that I knew nothing about this book going in, I was hooked from page one. Instead of simply offering us backstory and filler prose to bait us, False Memory leaps straight into the plot and surges forward at breakneck speed. We watch as Miranda, our protagonist, wakes up without any knowledge of who she is and where she came from. For a split second I worried that her lack of knowledge regarding herself would hinder my ability to understand her, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Because she doesn't know herself, she kept me guessing. She wasn't very predictable, but that element made her all the more believable because, let's be honest, how would you react if you woke up with no memory at all? I loved that even the secondary characters in the novel engaging and unique. They didn't really take the backburner at all, and every single character played a specific part, which was really refreshing after a string of books where the other characters were just part of the backdrop. What I loved most about the book, however, was this mysterious dark mastermind behind all of these superpowered kids. This evil genius kind of lurks in the shadows throughout the story, but the impact is highly apparent and definitely adds depth (and intrigue) to the overall plot. There is also a touch of romance in this novel and yes, it errs on the side of a triangle. However, never fear - this love triangle is totally different and really engaging. I was actually pretty pleased, and that's saying something. My one and only real issue with the book is that, at times, the first-person narrative felt a bit clunky. Writing in this manner is awesome, but it definitely takes a delicate hand.

Overall though, I was pleased with False Memory, and I think it's a fantastic addition to genre. I'll definitely continue on with this series. I give it a 4 out of 5 and I highly recommend it to fans of YA, especially those who enjoy sci-fi and dystopian stories.

I received this book free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This, in no way, affected my opinion or review of this book.


  1. This was one of my favorite reads of 2012. Book 2 comes out next month and it feels like I've been waiting forever.

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed this one, Melissa! It was such an impressive read and I can't wait for the sequel now. I love a good sci-fi and this delivered in every possible way. Lovely review!

  3. I'm definitely a reluctant sci-fi reader, but the premise of this one sounds fascinating. Thanks for sharing your review.

  4. I overlook sci-fi reads a lot when I'm picking up a book and it's a shame because I usually thoroughly enjoy them. This sounds like an exciting ride and I'm happy to hear the triangle is not a worry. Wonderful review, Melissa. I'll keep this in mind the next time I want a sci-fi/dystopian sort or read. :)

  5. I have a soft spot for science fiction too, but this book has also been collecting dust on my shelf. I don't know why I haven't read it yet - I've heard nothing but great things! I'm glad to hear this had you hooked from the start. Fantastic review, Melissa. :)

  6. How have I now known about this and the newest book? I'm seeing them everywhere today since I'm reading blogs. I love sci-fi and I feel like I'm missing out! Thanks Melissa!


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