Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Would Love to See as Films or Shows

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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Top Ten Books I Would Love to See as Films or Shows
(where they wouldn't be butchered - in a perfect world)

1. The Near Witch by Victoria Schwab - I swear this will forever remain one of my all-time favourite and surprise hit books. It's eerie, it's gorgeous, and it would be breathtaking on screen.

2. Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis - This one actually makes other dystopians quiver because it doesn't fall for the "bleak world, hot boy" mold. It's raw, real and powerful - all of which would be incredible as a film.

3. The Raft by S.A. Bodeen - I don't know how I can better explain my love for this book than to see I would probably die of sheer happiness if it became a movie. Think - Castaway - but for the younger lot...and a whole lot more eloquent.

4. Find Me by Romily Bernard - This one seems to have slipped under the radar for a lot of readers, but holy's creepy, and thrilling, and powerful, and real. I haven't read a such a good YA thriller in a long while. It would make a great show!

5. The Diviners by Libba Bray - Nothing is better than the 20's onscreen. I dare you to argue with me on that. Seriously, with a mystery, that time period and a whole lot of awesome, how in the world could it miss as a film?

6. Reality Boy by A.S. King - I recently finished this one, and I was thinking of how very harrowing it would be as a film - very gritty and emotional... just the way I love my films.

7. The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler - I didn't expect this one to have much depth, but it surpassed all my expectations. It's emotional, and it will make you weep out loud in a cinema.

8. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin - Yeah, I maintain that this is one of the best paranormal, eerie and unbelievable books ever. That cliffhanger on screen? Yeah. Score.

9. Hate List by Jennifer Brown - This book is so striking and profound that I'm surprised it's not yet a movie. I've never been so emotionally invested in a character and town. Epic.

10. Many Waters by Madeleine L'Engle - It's a Noah's Ark re-telling with a sci-fi twist. How would that NOT be perfect as a movie? 


  1. This list is full of so much win! I can't believe I left off The Near Witch! Totally on my list past the top ten!

  2. So many of those books are ones I haven't read! I think Mara Dyer would make a FANTASTIC thriller movie though, wow. And I haven't read The Raft, but from the premise it would be such an intense movie! Thanks for sharing, Melissa!

  3. Not a Drop to Drink, The Diviners, and Book of Broken Hearts all lend themselves very easily to on-screen-adaptations. I'm not a huge believer in casts, though, as most are disappointing, but in the hands of the right director, these could all be AMAZING movies! :)

  4. Not a Drop to Drink appeared in so many lists and it keeps being mentioned everywhere. Can't wait to read it know!

  5. Based on your review, I'd think that AS King's book would make a fabulous but heart-rending movie!

  6. Can you believe that I have not read ANY of these?! :o Will need to remedy that asap!

  7. The Diviners and Not A Drop To Drink would be freaking kick-ass on screen! They simply must turn out to be movies.

    Fab post, Melissa! <33

  8. Not a Drop to Drink and The Book of Broken Hearts would definitely be two movie adaptations I'm willing to watch.
    Also, I haven't read The Raft, but the concept seems like it'll be a good match for the big screen.
    Great post, Melissa!

  9. Now that you mention it, I am surprised Hate List hasn't been adapted already too. If handled well, it would be a great, thought provoking film.

  10. Fantastic list! How could I have forgotten Mara Dyer? That series rocks! The Diviners would also be a great movie that would definitely have me at the edge of my seat.

  11. I haven't read The Diviners, but it's on the list. I love anything 1920s so of course, I'd go see it. I'm impatiently waiting for The Great Gatsby to hit Netflix so I can watch it a million times.

  12. I absolutely LOVE the Mara Dyer series. They should TOTALLY make that series into movies.

    Here is my TTT:

  13. i have never heard of the raft, but i just added it to goodreads and requested from the library-. :) ~daphne

  14. Oh my gosh!! THE RAFT!!! Yes yes yes!!! SOOOOO GOOD!!

    I still need to read the Mara Dyer series. I have promised myself I WILL do it before the end of the year.

    Thank you for featuring FIND ME! I'm so very glad you enjoyed it :)

  15. I think the Diviners would make a great movie. Or TV show (although they'd probably make it some awful CW show). It's hard because it's so complex to capture it properly.

  16. There's a bunch of these I haven't read yet, but The Diviners, for sure! And Mara Dara, definitely. I also think The Near Witch would make for a very atmospheric movie. Great choices!

  17. Your description of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer has made me really want to read it!

    Here's my list.


  18. Wow, lots of fantastic books I haven't heard of here! think I'll be adding some to my TBR :)

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence


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