Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turnoffs

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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The Top Ten Book Turnoffs

1. Love Triangles - Okay, there are always going to be exceptions to the rule on this one, but I feel like it's such a crutch in YA these days. Everyone does it. Why can't we just have a beautiful, developing, gorgeous romance?

2. Cheating - I don't read about cheating. If there is a novel that introduces it, I generally cannot read it. It's one of those things that I simply cannot condone in any capacity, and reading about it just makes me sick.

3. Self-Deprecation - This one goes out to all the Bella Swans out there that had zero identity before their men came along. Twihards, I'm sorry, but I hated how very weak she was. Give me a powerful girl over that any day.

4. Excessive Cursing - Teenagers cuss. It's a fact. Heck, I have the mouth (and mind) of a sailor on the best of days. I do not, however, generally want to read endless profanities. It takes away from the story for me.

5. Loose Sexual Situations - Colour me a prude, kiddos, but I'm sorry...I just don't do the whole one night stand in books. I can deal with something if there's emotion and meaning behind it. But if it's just sex for the sake of thank you.

6. Ultra Heavy Foreshadowing - This one is pretty much a given, to be honest. I want a novel to slowly unravel and invite me in. If you give everything away too early, I'm likely to just put the book down.

7. May/December Romances - Honestly, there's just a creep factor to the whole "really old partner/really young partner." I know that it happens and that people have great success with such relationships at times, but I can't do it.

8. Books That Regurgitate the Summary - Hmmm how to better explain know when a book tells you exactly what's going to happen in the synopsis and doesn't surprise you at all? That. I don't do that, kids.

9. Lack of Character Arcs - I don't care if it's a plot-heavy book. The characters still have to go somewhere or be on some type of journey. If we don't have that, chances are the book loses me halfway through.

10. Vampires - Sorry, people. Few vampire books have worked for me, and the few that have will stay with a warm, safe place in my heart. The exception to the rule is evil, bloodsucking ones. Give me glittery ones though, and I'll run.


  1. Great list. I agree with most of these. I actually just read a fabulous book called Love and Other Perishable Items about a 15 year old who falls for a 21 year old. But it's not a May/June romance. They keep their distance mostly, which takes away the creepiness factor but also is sad because two people perfect for each other can't be together. My review is up in a few minutes.

  2. Yup, I basically agree with all of these, though I've seen a May/December romance actually work once and one-night stands CAN work, though they usually don't. I'm also totally sworn off of vampires and love triangles, though - I can't STAND those! Fantastic list, Melissa!

  3. Oh god low self-esteem is a major turn down for me as well as instant love and cursing.

    Fantastic list, I agree with everything there! <33

  4. Dammit hate those triangles (like everyone). Can't they make it more original from time to time? Like realise that the object of their interest is really boring and go seperate ways before she hurts them both. ANYTHING but the standard procedure. Pleeease. Great list! :D

  5. I agree with a lot of the points you mentioned on your list Melissa! I don't mind love triangles now, especially when they're done well, but yes I too want more beautiful romances instead. Self-Deprecation really annoys the heck out of me too, I like my MC's to be strong and to fight their own battles, not waiting on some guy to do it! And I totally need character development in a book too, otherwise seriously what is the point? Great top ten Melissa!

  6. Found my self nodding as I read especially with the love triangles (definitely a crutch these days), the May/December romances (uhg) and self-depreciation (of course you don't know you're beautiful...).

  7. I completely agree with your list. Love triangles, weak heroines and cheating are the biggest no-no in my books. I also don't read books with romances with huge age gaps. It's just not for me you know.
    Great list, Melissa.

  8. Great list and I realized I have the same turnoffs.


  9. Great list, I especially agree with the love triangles, cheating and self-deprecation! Great points you've brought up there. And I don't really understand the appeal with huge age gaps, especially when you've got people in their teams *shudders*

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

  10. #8 Ah, yes. Sometimes you can tell just by reading the summary that that's all the book has, which to me just says "this book only has a few interesting things, so we had to put them on the cover to hook you."

  11. LOVE TRIANGLES AND CHEATING!!!! YES! Those are my main two as well Melissa, I just have zero patience for them. Every once in a while I think a triangle is done well, but it's a rarity and most of the time I just get frustrated. And I can't even deal with cheating, unless it's a situation where the hero or heroine has been cheated on at some point by someone who's not the love interest. That's fine:) I know you're not a fan of vampires at all, but I'm so glad you did love Vampire Academy:):)

  12. Cheating. Abuse. I'm totally with you on the vampire thing. I read Twilight and have seen the first two movies, but I got bored with the whole idea after that.

  13. 8. - This I think is usually the failure of the marketing, where they end up spoiling the book. I don't think the writer has control over the synopsis that goes on the book jacket like how they don't have control over the cover art.

    3. - Bella, Bella, Bella....did she have any sort of hobbies or interests before Edward came along?

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