Mini Break

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Guys!!! I'm so sorry this blog has been kind of dead lately. My husband headed off for 5 weeks of training with the Army about two weeks ago, and we've been on radio silence, so I decided to take a little break and head home to New Hampshire. As you can imagine…that came with lots of visits to family, working in an office again for a few days and much-needed relaxation with all the beautiful green

I'll be off this blog until Monday, June 23rd, and which point I promise I'll return all comments and blog love! I just need this time to enjoy unplugging and being with family while my man's away. Love all your faces and see you soon! :)


  1. I'll missing seeing you around, Melissa, but we'll be here when you're back! *Hugs*

  2. awww have a nice break and enjoy your time with family!

  3. Have fun <3333 & Enjoy the time off :)

  4. Enjoy the time with your family and I hope you are feeling well!

  5. Enjoy the unplugging and the family time! We'll be here when you return!

  6. I hope you enjoy your break Melissa, you definitely deserve it!

  7. Enjoy the break Melissa! Hope you have a relaxing time! :)


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