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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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Top Ten Rebels In Literature (characters or authors) -- Those people who stood up for what they believed in despite the cost of doing so:

1. Sirius Black from Harry Potter - I still cry like a baby when I think of how he loved Harry. 

2. Dumbledore from Harry Potter - This doesn't even need an explanation. Dumbledore. Always. Wins.

3. Caleb from Leaving Paradise - There's something about a bad boy with a cause.

4. Katniss from The Hunger Games - I have a love/hate with this character. Mostly love because she's a challenge.

5. Melinda from Speak - This is one of those characters that triumphs over incredible personal circumstances to find herself again - despite the cost.

6. Hagrid from Harry Potter - Where else will you find such a lovable giant? Seriously. Please tell me.

7. Rose from Vampire Academy - Snarky. Tough. Badass. Fighter. 'Nuff said.

8. Martin from Martin the Warrior - He's a warrior mouse with a mission to save Redwall and all its inhabitants. He has to be on this list. Obviously.

9. Kate from The Liar Society - So full of sass, so sure of the mystery and so hell-bent on solving it. Kate wins.

10. Cinna from The Hunger Games - Cinna is right up there with the rest of them. His rebellions are small, but crucial and I love his character to tiny pieces.


  1. New follower :)

    I love Rose from Vampire Academy--she's on my list too!

  2. Love that you have Cinna on here. He's a 'true' rebel in my eyes, more so than Katniss, I think. No one needed to persuade him, he just did his own thing and stood up for what he believed while still protecting others and acknowledging the consequences. True valor at its best. Wonderful list!


  3. Totally love this list. I admire them for being strong.

  4. If we talk to long about Cinna, I'm going to start crying:) I loved him! And of course Rose, she's my kind of girl:) And if I start on any of the Harry Potter character my comment will start to get really long and you won't want to read and I'll bore you with my ramblings of affection for them all:)

  5. I really like that you picked Martin the Warrior!!! I wish I'd thought of him!!! Good list!

  6. Sirius! I'm with you on the crying - he loved Harry so much and then stupid Bellatrix had to come and ruin it all! Ahem, yeah, still angry about that :P. I think Cinna would be on my list too - right from book one he was plotting, and even though what he did was subtle, it made all the difference in the world. He was one of my favourite characters in The Hunger Games series...

  7. I love all the Hunger Games and Harry Potter references! But I also love that you included Melinda from Speak. I completely agree with you--she overcame some serious obstacles!

  8. Lol, totally hate Rose. But yay for Sirius *sighs and cries*

  9. I hate Rose as well but Sirius was a great character and Katniss with Cinna wasn't bad either...

  10. I agree with all of your choices! Esp the Harry Potter characters. Cinna did stage his own small rebellion. I just can't picture Lenny Kravitz playing him though...

  11. Awesome list! I can always count on you to include plenty of Harry Potter characters/references in your top ten lists.

  12. Cinna is a great choice. I loved him. I like that you chose Sirius. Not many others did. And of course Rose.

  13. Great list!!! Katniss is one of the best for sure...and I loved Cinna, forgot about him. So excited for the movie :)

  14. Love this list! I love that you included so many HP characters :)

  15. Cinna was always my favorite and Melinda from Speak was strong.

  16. *high five* on Sirius, Hagrid, and Cinna.

    You have a love/hate with Katniss? Really? Now I'm left to ponder why ;) Great post!


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