Friday Fix #44 - Meet Bridget!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Friday Fix is a takeover of my Friday blog post by other bloggers who have volunteered their time and energy to "star" in their very own guest post on Friday. Only one mandatory rule (you can't get out of it!) - you must answer five of the most random questions I throw your way. The rest is up to you. Remember, if you'd like to be featured on the Friday Fix, send me an email, and let me know! So, without further ado, here are the Bridget from Books as Portable Pieces of Thoughts!

The Most Random Questions in the World...

1. If infants can enjoy infancy, why can't adults enjoy adultery?

Why is ‘abbreviated’ such a long word? Why do Americans drive on parkways and park on driveways? If people from Poland are called “Poles” why aren’t people from Holland called “Holles”? Our world is full of unanswerable questions and other surprises.

By the way if adultery is committed (better not) and not enjoyed (really better not) it becomes a rather pointless act, don’t you think? It should be about forbidden pleasure for heaven’s ( or rather hell’s) sake! When it comes to enjoying infancy my views are rather unclear – you see I don’t remember much. Apart from that all the infants I asked were somehow unwilling to comment, sly things.

2. If someone says 'a penny for your thoughts' and you throw your two cents in, where is the other penny?

I reckon lost in translation if we speak more than one language or paid as tax if we speak the same language. Anyway gone and forgotten. Ask your accountant.

3. Can employees of tea companies take coffee breaks?

Sure. I suppose during a day full of tea-related problems a coffee break is simply indispensable to keep your wits about you. If you hate coffee it can even motivate you to work harder and try to convert all these caffeine addicts like me by offering them a better product than their usual drug of choice. Coffee breaks for everyone every two hours!

4. If someone is dirt poor, why is another person filthy rich? How are they both dirty?

Sad but true - money does do the dirty on you sooner or later, no matter whether you belong to the haves or the have-nots. Apart from that “dirt” is a four-letter word and “filthy” is a six-letter word, already indicating who has more dough and can afford a longer adjective.

5. How can a sauce be both sweet and sour at the same time?

Easy. The same way you can drink gin and tonic, beat somebody black and blue while listening to the best of rock and roll, take a black-and-white photo of the crime scene to show your pals, return to your home at Elephant and Castle (London, the UK), take your salt-and-pepper giant schnauzer for a walk and then relax in peace and quiet. Let’s face it- if you are adventurous enough you can always find out how to have it both ways! 


Thank you so much for participating, Bridget! You posed some very great questions, seems you've got a crazy mind rather like mine, eh? For the rest of you, be sure to check out Bridget's blog, Books as Portable Pieces of Thoughts! She's got one of the most thought-provoking blogs around, and I always feel smarter when I've read her posts.

In other news, be sure to enter my international giveaway for Shrouded Secrets by Joel McGrath! You do NOT need to be a follower to enter, but your support is always appreciated! Click HERE to read the interview and enter. This contest ends on February 15th. Good luck!


  1. Bridget, your answers are fantastic! :D Love this feature!

  2. Wow Bridget's mind is as sharply honed as your mind Melissa when it comes to word play. She definitely gave as good as she got.

  3. LOL great questions and great answers! Really enjoyed reading this post.

  4. LOL, you come up with the most crazy questions. I laugh everytime I read this.

  5. Nice! Great post/interview.
    I still take tea breaks :)

  6. I love Bridget's answers! They are so snarky... Thanks for the laugh!

  7. Gosh, crazy questions and great crazy answers.

    This is great! I really enjoyed reading this. Somehow I think I have missed these posts before. No more of that.

  8. I love this feature! Makes me smile every time! :)

  9. Melissa, I just want to have your brain for a few minutes, just to see how it works to come up with these questions! Unbelievable.

    Bridget, equally fabulous answers. I especially liked the dirt poor vs. filthy rich response about being able to afford a longer adjective. Brilliant:)

  10. Thanks a lot Melissa for having me - it was incredible experience! Everybody - thanks a lot for visiting and commenting. If my answers were a bit snarky it was only because I was more than a bit frustrated by the questions! And Friday Fix is an event I visit every week to improve my mood!

  11. Lol. Can employees of tea companies take coffee breaks? Nice!

  12. LOL!

    I can't say that I have any real memories of enjoying infancy either, but it's not something I could imagine that I'd enjoy, with all the crying and pooping all over oneself. JS.

    Great answers Bridget. I know if I had a job that allowed me coffee breaks for everyone every two hours, I'd be in heaven, coffee addict that I am.

  13. Lol, Ana, or should I say Bridget, I loved your crazy questions that you put forward here. Awesome answers!

  14. Great questions and answers. Love the cleverness and the sass! Always a fun start to my weekend!

  15. Haha. I love these types of questions. :)

    Happy Friday!
    iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books

  16. LOVE these questions and answers. Glad you joined in on this one Bridget!!

  17. LOL I especially like #4 - both the question and the answer!

  18. Agree with the money answer. It's brilliant. :)

  19. That was hilarious!

    You just got yourself a new follower - I love your blog!

  20. Howdy! New follower here. So funny!
    Happy Friday,

  21. Those were hilarious questions and answers! Bravo to you both.
    The penny for your thoughts had me LOL. I can't wait to use that on one because obviously that third penny is rattling around in their head!
    Too funny. Thanks for the entertainment and I don't need a comment back, that must be exhausting for you. If you ever need a victim, you can call on me!
    Have a great night!

  22. *Collapses on the floor laughing* I think this may be my favourite Friday Fix yet. I laughed out loud for every single question and answer. Bridget is incredibly funny and has a razor sharp wit that I wish I had. :)


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